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So you are here because you either want to know what is the vegan certified logo about, the different types of vegan organizations or maybe you are wondering how does one obtain the vegan certification?

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What is the vegan certified logo for?

To put simply the vegan certified logo, which you might see on many different products including food, clothing and cosmetics as well as others, is there to show that this particular product doesn’t contain any animal by products.

There is a difference between certified logos and just logos or statements that read ‘vegan’.

Certified labels are issued by official vegan organizations whereas the other labels can be stamped on by anyone. I’ll go into this a bit later.

The vegan logo in general makes selecting vegan products much easier, instead of you having to read the whole ingredients list or researching and checking the website, all you do is look for that bright ‘V’ or vegan stamp and then your doubts fade away! Nice and simple!Vegan logo

How do you become vegan certified?

It depends on the company, but usually if a company or brand wants to get their products vegan certified, they would need to go through the chosen organizations standards or let’s say rules to check if their goods meets the requirements.

The requirements generally list that no products made contain animal derived ingredients.

If they do agree, the brand will then have to apply by filling in a document and sending it off.

The agency would then review the form and if able to confirm that the products are vegan then the brand would be sent a license agreement to which they, the brand, would have to read and agree.

After that has been sorted, a certificate would usually be sent along with any other relevant documents.

Brands that want to become certified vegan would usually have to pay a fee for all this.

Vegan certified = no animal testing?

Many get confused with the vegan certification, I know I used to when I first became curious about the use of animals in products.

I thought the vegan stamp basically ment no animals came near the product, they weren’t used for tests or for the formula.

It’s easy to think that just because a product doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients, that animals haven’t been used or abused at all.

Basically vegan certified doesn’t mean no animal testing, the item could have been used to test on animals, you will have to look for the cruelty-free logo as well to be sure that absolutely no animal big or small has been harmed!What is the vegan certified logo about

If you want more information on the differences between vegan and cruetly free then click here!

Cruelty-free logo?

That leads me to answer, what is the cruelty free logo then?

Well my friends the cruelty-free logo is a bit similar to the vegan logo except it refers to whether the overall or the products ingredients have been tested on animals.

Cruelty-free means the item hasn’t been used to experiment on innocent animals!

Just like the vegan label, the cruelty free logo doesn’t mean the product is free from animal derived products.

If you are looking for both a vegan and cruetly free product, then you must look for both the vegan and cruetly free logo!

The Leaping bunny is a popular example of the cruelty free logo.What is the vegan certified logo about

Vegan organizations

There are various organizations out there which hand out the ‘vegan’ sticker but we are going to briefly go over some of the more trustable companies.

You might be wondering what do I mean by ‘trustable’, well you see, sometimes manufacturers can abuse the ‘vegan’ label, meaning they could go and just stamp their products with this phrase due to not strict law regulations.

Vegan organizations which are more reliable:

# Vegan society (UK)

# Certified vegan (US)

# Vegan Australia Certified (AU)

# vegetarian society vegan approved (UK)

# eve vegan (FR)

These are just a few examples in the different countries.

How reliable are they?

I know you might be feeling a little confused now as to who to trust but don’t worry, just because you don’t see a ‘trusted’ verified logo but instead a ‘no animal ingredients’ or any other similar phrases, it doesn’t mean that product isn’t telling the truth. The item may well be telling the truth!What is the vegan certified logo about

You just sometimes have to be a bit mindful of what’s going on.

You can always contact the company by emailing them or calling if you are having doubts, just to be sure.

If you have any questions whether I’ve left you confused or anything then do let me know in the comment section below and I’ll get back to them happily!

Have a great day!?

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