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    Best lash curling mascara you should check out!

    When you have a curling mascara in hand who needs a curler! Plus you’ll have to carry a mascara along with the curler, ain’t no room for that. Check out these best lash curling mascara that’ll surely give your lashes the lift they deserve with one swipe! Quick Overview Essence lash princess curl and volume mascara Future lash mascara Milk makeup rise mascara Essence lash princess curl and volume mascara It’s unique design and quite the catchy colour, pink definitely grabs attention! The essence lash princess mascara is for anyone looking for ‘instant perfect curl & breathtaking volume’ with its peanut shaped fibre brush it ensures each lash is coated…

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    Bare minerals lashtopia mascara – Review

    The bare minerals lashtopia mascara dropped into my daily makeup routine, when looking for an alternative to kat Von D’s mascara. I had ran out of Kvd so thought it’ll be a good idea to look for something new to try out so after a few page scrolls, I landed on the lashtopia mascara! If you’d like to know my favourite aspects of this product as well as anything I weren’t a fan of the bare minerals mascara, then please continue reading! Beginning with what the brand state this mascara is here to achieve! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn commission if click…

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    Lily Lolo natural vegan mascara – How good is it?

    I had been told by quite a few people, more specifically my friends to check out the lily lolo natural vegan mascara. They hadn’t told me if their experiences with the product was good or bad, but after purchasing it and giving it a go, I now understand why. One of my friends had a pleasant experience and the other well let’s just say it wasn’t to boast about! So as you can tell it’s varies for everyone so without trying I wouldn’t know! Anyways I’m here to talk about my trial so if you want to know then please do continue reading as I go through the ins and…

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    Eyeko yoga waterproof mascara- In-depth review

    I haven’t really tried out much of eyeko products before so when I bought the eyeko yoga waterproof mascara I wasn’t really sure what to expect apart from the vague judgement I got from the bunch of mixed opinion reviews I had read. So after giving it a go, this is my somewhat mixed review of the eyeko yoga waterproof mascara! Enjoy! Right let’s go through my favourite aspects of this product and the not so cool side too! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn commission if click and make a purchase but no additional cost to you. First, eyeko on their yoga…

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    Inika long lash mascara- Honest review

    You may have heard about inika, the all organic, vegan and cruelty-free brand, if you haven’t don’t worry as you’ll get a little taste of what they’re about in this inika long lash mascara review. (obviously not literal taste, you know what I mean). If you’re looking to lengthen and volumunize your beautiful lashes but with ‘100% plant-derived and natural ingredients‘ then please continue reading to find out if this, inika long lash mascara is your long-lost friend as well as my favourite features and the not so smashing side of this product in my opinion. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn commission…

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    Eyeko lash alert mascara- worth buying?

    LASH ALERT! Are you wanting to have bold lashes but not only to end there? Then maybe eyeko lash alert mascara can be for you! They don’t only just give you a volumized, curled and lengthened lash as they state but also a treatment in one. Now that’s what I’m talking about! This mascara includes a treatment with ingredients formulated to nourish your lash thanks to the Shea butter as well as caffeine which stimulates lash hair and arginine which repairs. But these are just the few benefits they include. Do continue reading if you want to know my favourite aspects about this product and what I didn’t really find…


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