Kat Von d everlasting lip liner – honest review!

The kat Von d everlasting lip liner is apparently the best product to help make reality the ‘lip look of your wildest dreams’!

But that’s not why I initially purchased it, I had just finished my previous lip liner and was looking for another product to try out, this time something a little more expensive to see if more money actually means more quality.

So if you want to find out how the kvd lip liner performs then continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects as well as any features I wasn’t a fan of.

Beginning with what Kvd state!


Kat Von d everlasting lip liner

Kvd state this lip liner will help you ‘line, define and design your signature lip look’ all with confidence. It is said to be long wearing with no weight to it so it stays ‘super comfortable all day’, feeling like you’re not wearing anything. This definitely sounds like my type of product!

With every stroke the lip liner is able to deliver a ‘saturated pigment’ that dries down almost immediately, meaning you can continue building your makeup look as soon as possible.

Kat von d mention once you own this everlasting lip liner you can wave goodbye to ‘dryness, skipping and dragging’.


One of the great things about this lip liner is the choice from a wide spectrum of shades. There are currently 10 matte shades Kvd offers, including your everyday neutrals, some colour pops like blue, green, purple, reds and pink.

My favourite shade or the one I have is ‘love dare’ which is one of the nude pink shade. I was originally planning to purchase ‘bow n arrow’ however it was out of stock, and I needed a lip liner asap so ‘love dare’ was the next best option.

These liner shades are made to fit perfectly with the everlasting liquid lipstick, which I do own one however not of the same shade as the liner.


On their website kvd mention how this formula took them ‘years to perfect’, trying to never settle for ‘anything less than best’. Which means this liner must be a dream to use! Right?

So how was the formula? Well I can say they weren’t wrong, the formula does indeed feel smooth and soft. It wasn’t hard as I was expecting based off from previous liners I’ve tried, which I’m happy about.

The formula does have good pigmentation to it, even light strokes are visible, making it easily buildable. It also gives me more control and the ability to fix mistakes easily thanks to the just-right pigmentation.


Applying this liner is a breeze, it does glide along smoothly without any hesitation, by that I mean it doesn’t get stuck in between lines and goes along effortlessly.

I like how the colour fits so well with my lip shade, it’s looks almost natural which was the whole reason why I got that shade.

It applies evenly, leaving a nice colour deposit. I also like how the formula isn’t overly dry, I wouldn’t say it’s moisturizing but it’s wearable compared to the past liners I’ve tried.

My lips are one of the driest and if this somehow managed to calm them even a little I’d say it’s a great formula.


Lastage is okay, it’s not that bad. It stayed on for around 7 hours but that didn’t include any eating or drinking, okay maybe a little drinking.

The time when I did use it for the whole day which did consist of eating and drinking, it hung on for approximately 6 hours, which isn’t that bad.

I wore lipstick on top of the liner and it did a decent job in keeping the colour intact for as long as possible. It did add some lastage to my lipstick which otherwise wouldn’t last as long. When I did need to top up, it was easy and simple.

Overall I rate the Kvd lip liner an 8/10! It’s super easy to apply, does well with lipsticks, has a good range of shades and isn’t overly dry.

However it’s a little on the expensive side and I found the product ran out quite quickly which makes it even more expensive.

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Have a great day!?

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