Kylie lip liner – An ultra creamy, long wearing liner?

The kylie lip liner was a last minute buy to be honest. I have tried quite a few lip liners in the past however very few have performed to my expectations.

The concern mainly is that they can’t stand water or any liquid for that matter, basically what I’m saying is I am actually looking for a waterproof as well as budge proof solution. It has to last a good few couple of hours.

Right let’s begin!


Kylie lip linerThe Kylie lip liner is described as an ultra creamy product which is apparently Kylie’s favourite product for a ‘defined, precise’ lip. It promises to wear comfortably with a long lasting formula that should deliver a smudge proof lip contour.

The Kylie lip liner is said to be able to last up to 24 hours! Now that is what you call super stay power. The lip liner texture is ‘ultra creamy’ which means the formula should glide on effortlessly. The Kylie lip liner is designed to ‘define and sculpt lips’ without the issue of feathering. The lip liner also features waterproof, transfer proof, as well as smudge proof.


The lip liner is available in 9 shades which mainly focus on berry shades with an odd brown hue too. There are nudes too. The shades include:

‘Forever and always’ – a warm pink nude

‘Iced latte’ – warm brown

‘Handbag ho’ – medium warm brown

‘Beau’ – a classic red

‘Hot chai’ – described as a golden nude brown

‘Coconut’ – rose brown nude

‘Caramel’ – warm nude brown

‘Give me a kiss’ – is described as a warm rose

’Souffle’ – is a dusty rose nude

I decided to go for the shade ‘forever and always’ which is a warm pink nude. It is a nice colour for a neutral everyday look.


The application process is similar to any other lip liner, make sure you prep beforehand to make the most of the pencils smooth texture. The lip liner actually applies pretty smoothly, it has definitely a creamy consistency since despite being a pencil, it doesn’t tug at my lips which pencils typically do as they are drier.

It does require sharpening which is not supplied with, I also did notice the pencil does go blunt quite quickly, maybe due to the creaminess. So if you use it daily then it may become a slight problem. I mean I use it every few days yet it still manages to disappear into the unknown. But the softness along with ‘ultra creaminess’ of it trailing along my lips, I wouldn’t say makes up for it but certainly balances the pros and cons out.


With lastage I was expecting some promising results since this lip liner is said to deliver ‘long wearing colour’ that is up to 24 hours! Plus it is supposedly be waterproof as well as smudge proof. Of course after featuring all these characteristics who wouldn’t be anticipating awesome results.

So was it as promised? Well I would say to an extent. The liner did stay put for around 8 hours which is when I decided to take it off. I know for sure that it definitely had the potential to go more since it was clearly visible when I wiped it. As for the waterproof and smudge proof feature, that too was something to talk about.

Usually lip liners do get budged around a lot especially when it comes to eating food or drinking but I can certainly say it wasn’t an issue this time round. Well for the first couple of hours which is still pretty impressive in my opinion! One slight fault I witnessed was some bleeding of the colour after 4 hours approximately but other than that, a thumbs up!


I give the Kylie lip liner a rating of 8/10! The reason I give it this is because it has a decent lastage with awesome features which include waterproof, as well as smudge proof results. The pigmentation is great too, not too saturated that it doesn’t come off. Application is not an issue either, following along wherever required. The shade range is a good size, though it can do with a few more colour tint.

I would give it more points if it didn’t run out quite quickly, I use it every few days yet it still manages to eat itself up so imagine using it daily then I would imagine you would be running out of this lip liner super quickly.

Right that’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave just yet then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan lip liners!

Have a great day!

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