Rem beauty lip oil – honest review!

The rem beauty lip oil is a unique product since it delivers not only hydration and shine but also has the ability to provide a sheer hint of colour so of course I thought it is about time I tried it. Anyways if you would like to know how it performs then I suggest you continue reading as I go through the ins and outs.

Rem beauty lip oilRight lets get going!


The rem beauty lip oil is described as a ‘mega glossy lip oil’ that drenches lips in ‘nourishing shine’! It also features a sheer hint of colour with a combined texture of a lip gloss with benefits of a moisturising oil. The addition of coconut oil is where this lip oil obtains it’s ‘ultra hydrating’ properties.

With the rem beauty lip oil you should expect to be left with silky smooth lips after every swipe. Plus the addition of hydrated as well as a conditioned pout! What makes each shade even unique is their own scent. You could layer it or shine on its own, the choice is yours!


The shade range is not much to talk about as expected since this is a lip oil therefore, the colour range isn’t its main focus here. Yet rem beauty still manage to create 4 beautiful pastel hues. They include ‘lavender kiss’ which is a sheer cool lavender, ‘mint condition’ described as an aquatic blue, ‘raspberry drip’ which is of course a raspberry pink and last but not least ‘pickin petals’ that is a peachy pink.

Another cool thing about these rem beauty lip oil is that they each have a nice subtle scent depending on what shade you pick. For example ‘raspberry drip’ has a raspberry scent with ashwagandha, ‘picking petals’ carries a rosey scent with hints of chamomile. ‘Mint condition’ obviously has a mint scent and ‘lavender kiss’ releases a white tea scent with lavender extract.

It was a little difficult picking a shade since I love the pastel spectrum so which one did I go for? It was the ‘lavender kiss’ since it seems like it would have a nice soft smell plus the hue would be interesting to see how it would look on my lips. Though the shade ‘pickin petals’ seems like the popular one since it is quite frequently out of stock!


For the application process I started off by exfoliating and then prepping with moisturiser to obtain the lip oils full potential since I am well aware of how dry my lips can be. The design of the applicator is quite unique, it has a cooling metal tip to help load the product onto the lips. And for the blending procedure the flocked side is the one to use for best results. And then you are done.

Application is overall easy I would say and quick. I used it to add shine and in place of a light lipstick, it is quite subtle as expected. The applicator is a decent size, able to cover my thin lips without going over and creating a messy pout. It is just right!


It is a lip oil so I’m not expecting much, I mean of course the ‘ultra-hydrating’ feature I would hope it can stay for a good 6 hours but I wouldn’t believe the colour nor the shine would be as long lasting.

Anyways how did the rem beauty lip oil stand against time? Well let’s go over it then shall we?

So when it comes to providing hydration, this lip oil actually managed to do well compared to the few I have tried in the past. I guess the addition of coconut oil which is known for its ‘ultra hydrating’ properties does its job well.

Going onto the ‘sheer hint of colour’, I think anyone will be able to know not to expect much, it is ‘sheer’ after all. I got roughly an hour or 2 of subtle tint before reapplying was needed. And as for the glossiness display, well that was doing great for around for 2 hours too until a retouch was necessary.

So I would say it isn’t too bad of a result but could be better!


I give the rem beauty lip oil a rating of 8/10! Though the shade selection is limited the selection of colours available are quite nice. Application is easy and simple with a cool unique design. Lastage is satisfactory depending on what you are looking for, with the hydrating feature providing the longest results.

It adds a nice shine and leaves lips feeling as well as appearing soft!

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