Rem beauty lip gloss review!

I haven’t tried any of rem beauty products, I know it a little strange even for me since I adore ari! But there is a first for everything right? So since I happen to recently finish my previous lip gloss I decided to settle on rem beauty lip gloss, I mean it only makes sense!

Right let’s check how it performs shall we?! Continue reading if you want to find out my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of!


Rem beauty lip gloss reviewThe rem beauty lip gloss is described as a lightweight, non sticky formulated, high shine finish gloss. This product aims to deliver plumping effects with a ‘ultra-sensorial cooling and tingling sensation’ for fuller looking lips along with ‘heavenly hydration’!


Currently the shades range for the rem beauty lip gloss is limited to only 3 shades. They are:

Needy – a strawberry pink with champagne shimmer

7 rings – light pink with champagne iridescent shimmer

Thank you next – mauve with champagne shimmer

As you can tell they are named after Ariana grandes song from her thank you next album. But it could have been awesome if she made more shades featuring the rest of her album. Anyways I decided to take the shade ‘7 rings’ which is a beautiful light pink with champagne iridescent shimmer.

I went for this shade since it sounds really cool, plus I don’t own any iridescent hues especially a lip gloss in my collection so would be an awesome addition.

The shades mentioned are for the limited edition set however you can get the original plumping lip gloss which has 9 shades to offer. It includes an iridescent clear hue, ‘roll up’ which is described as a burgundy wine. There is a beautiful iridescent lavender one, that was my second option, as well as pinks and warm nudes!


The rem beauty lip gloss features a ‘slanted-tip applicator’ which apparently means it is a lot easier to plump and swipe along the go. So did I find this true? Well it is quite like the usual ones, and yes I would say it is not difficult. Quick and effortless!

Application is much easier though if you prep beforehand, get your moisturiser, scrub and get going, even more so if you have dry lips like me! Trust it makes a massive difference, those who know, know! Even though the glosses are quite hydrating themselves, I still went for a balm underneath, providing me with a smooth base to work on, a bump free journey!

Talking about hydration, the rem beauty lip gloss promises to provide a moisturising along with visibly plump results to which I can agree to a certain degree. Both the hydration and plumping work well upon application, the tingling can definitely be felt, signifying the plumping is getting to work.

I did notice my lips appear a little fuller than usual, I mean I have really thin lips so even the smallest effect is not going unnoticed by me.

However as the time goes, plumping becomes less apparent as does the hydration which is of course expected at some point. The formula does not have any heavy feel to it proving the brands statement, ‘lightweight, non sticky formula’!


As mentioned earlier the plumping experience isn’t as long as the glosses hydrating properties but how long is that?

I would say pluming lasted approximately 2 hours till my lips started to appear their usual small self. As for the hydration, that was around 5 hours, so a good couple more! The pigment which the rem beauty lip gloss has to provide, gets through approximately 4 hours which to be honest is great results since glosses don’t often come with the benefit of providing such rich colour.

The addition of ‘passion fruit and apricot oils’ can definitely be felt and surprisingly no stickiness either!


I give the rem beauty lip gloss a rating of 8.5/10! For its cool qualities which I don’t often come across when it comes to glosses. I would certainly say it is my favourite lip gloss so far!

The formula excludes the typical stickiness which come with glosses, there aren’t any issues with transferring. It does offer decent amount of tint as a bonus depending on the shade selected.

The shade range is something to talk about as is the punch of hydration it has to offers.

Another great thing about the rem beauty lip gloss is that it can be paired with anything just like Ariana said, with a lipstick, lip liner or on its own, the choice is yours! The applicator is a decent size too with the slanted tip.

The only problem currently is the plumping feature is not as string as I would like it yet still is present for a little while.

Right that is it for now peeps!

If you don’t want to leave then I suggest you check out the rem beauty mascara to match by tapping here!

Have a great day!

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