Tarte juicy lip balm! – An honest review!

The Tarte juicy lip balm caught my eyes instantly upon realising it is more than just a lip hydrator, it offers other benefits too! Plus it is vegan and cruelty free so what’s to loose! Actually it is on the more costly side.

Anyways shall we begin?! It’s about time!


Tarte juicy lip balmThe Tarte juicy lip balm is described as an all-in-1 vegan balm, gloss, offering colour as well as hydrating treatment too! The main aim of this multi use balm is to ‘drench lips in moisture, providing up to 12 hours of hydration, smoothing the look of lips whilst also instantly plumping the appearance of lips!

The Tarte juicy lip balm contains a good deal of rich fruit extracts, over 10, that are rich in antioxidants! The formula for the maracuja juicy lip balm features a ‘mirror shine formula’ that should feel comfortable with promises of never being sticky.


The tarte juicy lip balm offers 12 berry shades, well I’m saying 12 but there is actually 11 with one clear, ideal for those who would like to add some shine over their lipstick or just are in need of some hydration.

The hues range from light to deep tone. The lightest excluding the clear one is ‘guava’ which is a sheer pink with some added glitter. The deepest in their selection is ‘honeysuckle’, that is best described as a black cherry. Other shades include ‘Grapefruit’, a peachy beige, ‘hibiscus’ which appears as a mauve berry and much more!

For me selecting a shade was a little tricky since most of these hues I wouldn’t mind wearing. So what did I do? Well I went for the shade which I least have in my collection, and surprisingly that is a dark shade which is funnily enough one of my favourite tones yet own the least.


Application is obviously going to be quite easy especially if you prep a little beforehand for those individuals with dry lips like me! Lip balms are usually smooth and have somewhat of a buttery texture which gives them the ability to moisturise.

So how was application? Overall it was a smooth and fast experience. You open it up and give it a click and then smother across your lips and there you are coated in a ‘mirror shine’ comfortable formula. To reveal the balm you give the product a click up from the bottom, quite different to the usual twist packaging. I definitely prefer this one as it causes less wastage and is much easier.

I tried without prepping my lips just to see its true potential and what can I say I was quite pleasantly surprised as to how moisturising it was despite it not containing any petrolatum or lanolin. Tarte have stated this is no ordinary lip balm so surely there is more to it right?

Correct! This lip balm is described as an ‘all in 1’ vegan balm, gloss, colour as well as hydrating treatment! That is a lot for a small product! But does allow its consumers to experience all these features?

I will start off with the balm property since I have already discussed it, so as I had said it does fulfill what a balm is made to do. As for gloss, it is certainly there for the first 1-2 hours and then it is gone. The colour is a light tint for this reason that too can’t keep up with the moisturising effect. And how about the hydrating treatment? Maybe you can get a hint from reading what I have mentioned previously, which suggests it does add a nice moisturising effect to my lips thanks to the maracuja.

The tarte juicy lip balm also contains over 10 antioxidant rich fruits which apparently help smooth and nourish your pout including smoothing the look of lip lines!


Once I had worn it, the texture stayed the same throughout. What I mean by that is there were no stickiness or any other uncomfortable feel even towards the end. This lip balm needed replacing every couple hours, I would say around the 4th hour is when the tarte lip balm had seemed to vanish.

One thing I did notice which I didn’t really like is the after feel. Once the lip balm had gradually faded my lips felt a little funny, I wouldn’t say sticky but it did have some tackiness to it especially if I didn’t reapply soon after.


I give the Tarte juicy lip balm a rating of this 8/10! I really like how they have made this product more than just a balm, it is a gloss with a hint of colour along with hydrating properties! However, the downside is that not al of these features are obvious especially the colour one.

The lastage is pretty decent coming from a balm minus the weird feel afterwards. It does moisturise well for some time too and conceals chapped lips. So I would say it is a great item to have if you are in need of a balm since it provides you with a whole host of other benefits, it is worth the try if the price isn’t something that will put you off!

Have a great day!

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