Ilia skin tint – Super serum skin tint!

The ilia skin tint was a bit of a random purchase, I didn’t really need it. But it is my first product from this brand so I was unsure of what to expect, whether it would be a positive experience or negative. Only one way to find out, time to test out!

So if you’d like to know how the super serum skin tint performs then I suggest you continue reading to find out!


Ilia skin tintThe super serum skin tint is formulated with an SPF 40 which makes it not only a beauty product but a skincare one too! This serum is according to the brand an award-winning clean skin that is created to deliver a ‘light coverage, potent skincare, and mineral SPF’ for a finish that is dewy, leaving the skin looking and feeling ‘alive’!

Now more about the skin care side of the ilia skin tint, it is powered by active ingredients that are apparently clinically proven to reduce the look of dryness ‘blemishes, redness, wrinkle’ as well as uneven tone. It’s key ingredients include the popular hyaluronic acid for plump and replenishing purposes, plant based squalane to lock moisture and boost elasticity and niacinamide used for the minimizing of pores, smoothing of skin texture as well as refining uneven skin tone!


The amount of shades available is quite vast of up to pick from. A large shade range is great but sometimes it means looking for the best match can be a little tricky since there are lot’s to pick from. The ilia skin tint includes hues with different undertones including cool, golden, warm as well as neutral.

Their lightest shade is SKYE ST.5 which is described as an extra light with neutral undertones whilst their richest is LOVINA TS19 which is an extra deep with neural undertones. There are shades in between like PORTO FERRO ST10 that is a medium with warm undertoned hue. KAI ST6.5 is a light medium with cool undertoned colour. I am not too sure where the inspiration for the names came from though!

I did find it quite tricky to at first find the closest matching shade to me however after narrowing it down a little and with the help of a friend I were able to pick one. That shade goes by the name KAI ST6.5, a light medium with cool undertone. It was a perfect match that didn’t require the mixing of other shades, an all too common problem!

Application / performance

Since it is a light coverage providing product I was certainly expecting an easy and smooth application process. The consistency of the ilia skin tint leans on the thinner side which should mean quick applying. So was it?

Well I certainly can say applying was easy as was blending. The texture of the serum was a massive help.

Ilia suggest giving the bottle a good shake due to the silicone free formula which is known to cause some separation. This is exactly what I done as I have experienced it in the past, causing an uneven finish. So after shaking it up, I dolloped some onto my finger tips using the dropper applicator and went straight for the face. As you may know applying the serum is a little different to a more fuller coverage foundation as it is quite thin therefore doesn’t require much effort to blend.

You don’t really need any other tools apart from your hands with foundation that are designed for light coverage making them also ideal for traveling!

So now time for the performance, does it actually even out skin appearance, blemishes, redness and the like? How about pores, since I do have combination skin, meaning pores are here and there!

According to a group of participants who took part for 28 days, 100% out of 52 agreed that it has moisturising benefits and that it minimizes the appearance of pores too. So with this prove I was expecting some impressive results for my combination skin.

The results are in…..

The Ilia skin tint was able to cover light redness and some blemishes here and there. It also managed to give my skin an overall smooth appearance. I think it does a great job in concealing light imperfections however it wouldn’t do a good job in covering anything more as it is a skin tint after all.

According to the brand this skin tint is compatible with most skin types, including oily skin which it works by balancing, dry skin through hydrating as well as sensitive skin where the formula is said to be super gentle. I have sensitive skin as well as a combination skin and found their formula to be good at first, everything seemed to be under control until towards the end, around 4 hours in, it started to allow my skin to appear shiny! As for sensitivity, there weren’t no issues so I guess it did well in that department.

My guess is it will also succeed in keeping dry skin moisturised as the dry areas of my skin appeared fine, no flakiness, plus the dewy finish definitely will ensure your skins thirst is quenched!


Usually with light coverage formulas you wouldn’t expect much wear time as they fade away as the hours go by. With the ilia skin tint I was expecting something similar, roughly around 3 – 4 hours maximum and was I right?

I would say so! I was able to receive around 4 hours of a smooth base till I noticed the oily areas like the forehead and nose started to fade, could be due to me trying to blot away the shininess since the dry area were doing pretty fine at that point. The dry areas were well moisturised. I guess the Hyaluronic Acid does a good job!


So overall I give the ilia skin tint based on other skin tints a rating of 8/10! I like that it feels quite light on the skin, has the ability to conceal light imperfections whilst also providing skin care benefits. The exclusion of fragrances and silicone makes it great for sensitive skin peeps like me! 

The wear time for the super serum skin tint is awesome considering it is a light formulated product. The serum is moisturising and doesn’t cause skin irritations which is what I am looking for in a tinted moisturiser.

That’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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