elf halo glow liquid filter! – An honest review!

The elf halo glow liquid filter currently seems like the holy grail for the brand. I mean this highlighter is a pretty cool multi use product since you can use it not only as a highlighter but mix it up with your foundation, apply under your foundation for a nice glow or over your makeup for a soft focus finish.

Anyways shall we check out how it performs now! I think so!


Elf halo glow liquid filterThe elf halo glow liquid filter is described as a ‘multi-purpose, liquid glow booster’ which is infused with hydrating ingredients like the skin loving Squalane and hyaluronic acid resulting in a complexion that leaves a soft focus social filter effect in real life.

The glow liquid filter is a 2 in 1, a glow makeup and a skincare product for dewy skin. After usage this formula will give you a complexion that is healthier looking and more radiant. It is suitable for most skin types covering normal, dry, oily as well as combination! The elf halo glow liquid filter is a flexible product too since you can wear it on its own, over makeup or under and even mix it up with your foundation or as a highlighter to illuminate high points on your face. Pretty useful!


Elf has done a decent job in creating the shade range since it has around 8 flexible to pick from. Usually you only get a small amount of selection especially when it comes to highlighters but not with this one. The brand includes shades from fair to rich with in between ones covering light/medium, medium/tan, deep/rich. They are categorised as fair, light, medium, tan, deep and rich.

The sheerness of these glow liquid filter means the formula can work across all skin types. This also means according to the brand that multiple shades may match with your skin of course also depending on the way you wear them. The shade I went for is medium. I was going for light/medium originally however the medium seemed like it has some pinkness to it.


Application with the glow liquid filter is pretty simple. You twist the cap off and pull out the wand which is quite large which means it covers a great distance in one go, then you swipe where some magic is required. Whether that be on the bridge of the nose, forehead, under the brow or wherever.

Depending on where or what you use it for the application will vary or more like blending. For example if you are going for under the foundation then a buffing brush would be ideal for a within glow. For highlights, a small concealer brush would make sense.

Anyways back to how my experience went, which I would like to say it was generally a great one! Applying was easy with the applicator gliding along to my commands. The product distribution was even. As for blending that too was effortless. The consistency of the halo glow liquid filter is a little on the thin side rather than a thick gloopy one which is great as it helps with the bending.


The wear time was a little of a mystery since the brand don’t mention how long or if it even features a long lasting formula at all so not until I’ve tested it would I know. So after giving it a try a couple times of course to make it fair I can say the elf liquid filter gave around an average of 5 hours of glowing results till the shine weren’t so obvious.

I used it once under the foundation to product a nice glow, the results stayed for 5-6 hours before it required topping up. I think it does well with the lastage when used to produce a within glow. As for highlighting, it was alright, clinging on for around 4 hours until it gradually faded. I’m not sure how it would do with being mixed with a foundation but I’m guessing it would be a similar range.


So overall I give the elf halo glow liquid filter a rating of 7.5/10! The selection range is great as is the applying and blending. The liquid filter does provide a nice dewy finish once you mix it with the foundation and does great as a base providing a luminous glow.

The downside in my opinion would be the small amount packed and the lastage could do with some more power and pigment.

Right that’s it for now peeps

Have a great day!

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