Nyx lip liner – line loud lip pencil!

After pondering about which nyx lip liner I should go for, I decided to settle for the nyx line loud lip pencil since the lastage feature stood out the most. Many of my lip liners you see aren’t strong enough to get through my sometimes hectic day.

If you would like to know how the nyx lip liner performs then I suggest you continue reading to find out!


Nyx lip linerThe nyx lip liner is a lip product that is said to bring ‘loud to nay look’ helped by its smooth and soft finish in matte. With the nyx line loud lip pencil you can expect to say goodbye to all those ‘hard, dry school liners’! The nyx lip liner promises to never be drying but always comfortable. The brand state the creaminess of the formula should create an application that is smooth with effortless gliding without no tugging required!

The nyx line loud lip pencil should blend easily, leaving behind a rich, creamy colour that is said to shape and shade lips to your desire!


The line loud lip pencil is available in a whopping 19 shades which range from light neutral hues to rich ones like ‘evil genius’, a black shade. There is even a complete white shade known as ‘gimme drama’. You can pick various tints of browns as well as berry or pink ones.

The shade range as well as the colour selection is definitely one of my favourite features about the nyx lip liner. You can create quite unique and cool looks with what is offered. The hue that I decided to go for is ‘on a mission’ which is a type of cherry red. I weren’t sure what to pick but since I have a cool undertone, going for something which suits this type of tint would be safer. I must say though I am a fan of darker and deeper shades but decided to not go for them this time.


Application I was expecting to be smooth and easy judging by the way the brand nyx describes the lip liner, ‘creamy formula smoothly glides onto the lips with no tug’! I was wondering even on dry lips? Well of course after prepping that is. Anyways to answer the question, is applying it as easy as promised? Well certainly I can say it is. I can definitely feel the smooth and creamy texture when I glide it across my lip. The difference can certainly be felt compared to the other lip liners as I didn’t feel the usual prickly sensation which I too often experience.

I think the addition of jojoba oil along with vitamin E like nyx stated certainly made an impact on the texture. Nyx also mention this infusion should give your lips a softer appearance which I know I can certainly do with. So does it actually do as it says? Errm, to be honest the ‘softer looking lips’ was definitely there for the first half whilst I was wearing it but towards the end it lost its charm.


Since the line loud lip pencil features a waterproof formula, it should definitely mean I or we shall expect some lastage power. The brand also mention of its transfer, fade along with smudge resistant results we should expect to receive, enhancing the wear time even more. Anyways so how was the lastage?

I roughly got around 8 hours of strong results until the formula especially around the corners of my mouth started to fade a little. The rest of the colour followed approximately an hour later. I feel like eating and drinking definitely had an impact on how long the formula lasted. So would I say it has an all day wear like nyx promised? Yes since many of my previous lip liners barely made it past the 4th hour so as you can compare, that’s twice as much!


Overall I give the nyx lip liner a rating of 9/10! It does produce a rich tone that’s creamy which gives it that easy to blend texture. Applying it is a breeze too. I like the colour range as well as the matte finish which isn’t as bad as I’d expected. I wouldn’t completely say I experienced the moisturising effect however it wasn’t drying. If you have dry lips do make sure to moisturise beforehand to obtain this liners true potential!

So I would definitely say you can wave goodbye to hard, dry old school liners once you have the nyx line loud lip pencil!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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