What is organic makeup?

You may have heard the term organic most associated with food products, at least that’s where I came to know it. The word organic is used far from just human food, you can get organic makeup, organic pet food, organic clothes and many other things. But what is organic makeup really?

What is organic makeup
Sunflower components are often used in organic makeup products

And is it as good as you make it out to be? Well it sure sounds like goodness! Read on to find out!

What is organic makeup?

Organic means the use of organically farmed ingredients in cosmetic items. In other words it means the ingredients used in the products are made without artificial chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and many more.

None organic products typically contain chemicals such as:

Parabens: a chemical known to disrupt hormones

Phthalates: also known as plasticizer, they have been linked to reproductive or developmental toxicity

Artificial fragrance: fragrance which are man made and can easily be absorbed into blood stream, they also cause allergic reactions and irritate skin.

What is organic makeup
Do note that when an item states it’s organic it doesn’t necessarily mean they are all organic unless it literally says 100% organic otherwise brands can stick the organic label with maybe 90% organic ingredients but then the rest maybe synthetic ingredients. Oh my!

I’m not saying there is something wrong with non-organic products but when it affects the environment, I think then it can become a problem.

For example when plants are sprayed with pesticides, it can get washed into rivers, streams, oceans or other places that can get polluted and effect the marine life and other parts of nature.

Does organic and natural mean the same thing?

They are similar and are usually used interchangeably. Organic is related to more on the growing and farming side.

Organic products have to go through stricter standards in order to be labeled organic.

Generally the ingredients used in these products shouldn’t include chemicals like phthalates, parabens, synthetic dyes etc.

A natural makeup is when the ingredients are sourced naturally like plant based or mineral.What is organic makeup

So they too shouldn’t contain harsh chemicals.They may not be vegan as beeswax or honey are natural.

Like said even if a product contains a small percentage, it still may be labeled as organic or natural. So beware!

Any benefits?

Of course there are benefits, I mean it’s organic, the word itself sounds like a benefit.(if you get what I mean)

-Usually are eco-friendly, do not damage the environment
– can provide skin benefits such as nourishing and moisturising.
no harsh chemicals
– suitable for all skin types including sensitive
gentle on the skin and can help support the skin to appear youthful and healthy.What is organic makeup

Of course as with most things there are going to be cons. These cons could include a far shorter shelf life, replacing more often to prevent infections as natural preservatives can sometimes be unreliable.

Examples of organic brands

Brands that produce at least a few organic products include:

Inika- An Australian brand that specializes in organic and natural as well as vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, ranging from foundations to skin care items!

RMS beauty – brand offering organic and natural products such as beauty supplements, brush sets and makeup.

Looking for more? Then click here!

So there you have it peeps! Hope you have learnt something, if not please feel free to leave comments or your questions down below and I’ll try getting back to them!

Have a great day!?

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