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Charlotte Tilbury brow lift – worth it?

It’s so awesome how doing something small like filling in your brows can lift the whole of your face (lift as in the enhancing way not the physical lift, just in case you got scared). I desperately wanted to try something new so I asked my friend if she had anything interesting that I can play around with, which she then suggested the Charlotte Tilbury brow lift.

This Charlotte Tilbury brow lift provides you with 3 benefits in 1, in the from of a pencil! You can highlight, brush and use the pencil. Sounds pretty handy!

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The outer packaging is similar to any other Charlotte Tilbury wrapping. It’s mainly a burgundy colour with rose gold details and writing on it.

As for the design of the actual product, you have your brush on one end and the pencil for your brow on the other end.

Oh and where’s the highlighter? Well that is located in the middle, which to reveal it you have to untwist it and ta da! Your highlighter! I found this pretty cool when I first uncovered it.


There are five shade available ranging from light to dark.

Fair brow– a light taupe shade suitable for blonde, light brown or red hair

Star brow– slightly darker, great for really light brown or blonde

Luscious brow– a medium brown shade suitable for exactly that, medium brown.

Super model brow– shade best for medium to dark brown hair

Perfect brow– the darkest shade made for dark brown to black hair. This one is the best matching shade for me.

As for the highlighter, it has a little shimmer to it in a light pink rosey shade. The highlighter is made to be used under the brow.


This pencil does seem quite useful, but the real deal is how good do it’s uses perform.

Well after testing it out I thought it did an awesome job!


To shape the brows the spoolie or the brush whichever you prefer to call it, is used to groom the hairs in place.

I also used it after adding colour to even the shade out to make sure I didn’t have harsh looking brows.

The blending was quick and simple as was the shaping.


The well hidden highlighter does actually give a great amount of lift. I used only a small amount as to not overdo it and it still did a pretty good job!


The creamy pencil on the other end does a great job of applying colour and precisely as well. I think it’s mainly down to the triangular tip which also allows you to easily create a neat arch and angles.


The colour on the brow did stay on for a decent amount of time, around 7 hours. So that was great!

The thing which did bug me was that the pencil broke and I’m sure that I didn’t press it hard as I’ve read others did have similar problems and the spoolie became loose after a few usages (or maybe that was me). I would have replaced it but it isn’t that cheap either.

Overall this pencil is ideal for those who are wanting to fill in sparse brows or to add definition, but be aware that it may break easily, well that’s according to my experience, so it isn’t a definite.

Oh and the 3 in 1 is a awesome feature, so if it sounds exciting to you too then all I’m saying is you need to take a look!

What is your favourite eyebrow product? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day! ?

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