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Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation- Honest review

It’s not called magic foundation for no reason. The Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation provides┬ámany benefits in one, with one of them being an anti-ageing cream. If you are wanting a magical transformation for whatever the age, tone or type then this bottle is what you are missing.

This bottle is all about creating a younger looking and smooth complexion which also lasts long because who’d want a foundation that melts off your face after 10 minutes. Right?

If you really want to know if any of this is true then do read on.

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Was it long-lasting?

Well I decided to use this Charlotte Tilbury foundation for an evening look, which ment that I only wore it for a couple of hours, about 5 hours, before I had to wash it off.

But I can say that it stayed on quite strong and my skin still looked smooth towards the later hours, therefore I’m sure it could have easily lasted a good couple of more hours.

If you are thinking how would I know if the foundation would last a few more hours, well it’s because I’ve tried a few foundations in the past where I had to keep reapplying after about 2 hours as they’d go patchy whereas I didn’t had to touch this one even towards the end.

If you want to really see what’s it about then I suggest you pick your magic foundation.Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation

Will my wrinkles smoothen out?

To be honest, I don’t have wrinkles YET! But I did get to try this product on someone who has wrinkles, in other words someone older. And do you want to know what she thought?

As soon as I finished applying it on her I handed her the mirror (so it could be a little surprise) and she was surprised that her wrinkles weren’t there anymore, mainly because she wasn’t wearing her glasses so that’s when I had to take over and have a look.

And I can tell you that most wrinkles had smoothed out apart from a small deep wrinkle by her nose which was just about visible from close up. Overall for covering wrinkles, I think it does a pretty well job, especially concealing the smaller ones.

Best for oily, dry or combination?

I’m guessing you lovely peeps would like to know if it’s really for all skin types meaning dry, oily or combination, as it says.

I can tell you that I found this foundation great for dry skin due to its moisturising ingredient. For combination skin it also did well especially on my t-zone.

As for oily skin, I can’t speak for you peeps but after a bit of research I found out that those who have oily skin, can benefit from it’s great pore coverage and after my experience with my oily t-zone, it definitely keeps the oil controlled for a while!

Any cons?

Obviously it’s a review so I have to tell the truth. Okay here goes. I think because this foundation provides a heavy or full coverage, I found it a little hard to blend especially if I didn’t do it right after applying but that could be because I’m slow at buffing.

But don’t let this stop you from buying it. If you think this is for you or you want to test it out then go ahead!


Overall, I think that this foundation is great for most skin types and ages as it says. It’s pretty great for all the benefits it provides especially as it’s vegan friendly and the broad colour range!

The bottle coming with a pump is a good idea as it will for sure stop accidental spillages.

Tap here if you’d like to purchase the Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you have any suggestions or questions then please let me know in the comment section below or wherever it is.

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Have a good day or night!

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  • Melinda Curle

    Great review. I don’t tend to wear foundation often (just events). However, when I do I want one that has full coverage and will flatten out my wrinkles. For now, I’m focusing on aging gracefully. I think that four hours is a good amount of time to keep make-up on. I think less time on your face is better and events usually are around four hours. It is good to know that it stayed on for that amount of time. I like that you were honest about the con of not blending well. I may check out this foundation for my next event that I need make-up. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Melinda thanks for reading. yh most occasions and events aren’t that long your right. Thanks again for reading. Have a great day!

  • Sami

    Your review on using Charlotte Tillbury Magic foundation was interesting, and an introduction to the product for me.  I have not used this product.  Knowing that it is a bit harder to blend could be a good thing, as this makes you take time to smooth and blend properly.  Especially if you have sloppy habits as I do.  With all new products, I’m excited right at first, then get into the splash and dash mode.  So maybe this is a product that could be enjoyed and appreciated by a more perfectionist type.  Thanks for your informative review. Sami

    • Sariyah

      Thanks for stopping by Sami and yh your right about the blending, what might not be good for one person, could be great for a different person.

  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice review you have there. I know little about about make up, but from your review, I have understood some basics and I am convinced that this is the exact foundation my mum will needs to combat with her aging sign of wrinkles, I will surely relate the content of this article to her and make some recommendations as well, thanks for the enlightenment.

  • evans

    The Charlotte foundation just as the name implies really performs a magic on your face…as a lady looking forward to getting back at your early sixteen I really could really recommend this lovely Charlotte tilbury to you and trust me it will perform just what it’s good at and that is bringing out your inner beauty….hope you go try it out

    • Sariyah

      Hey Evans Charlotte Tilbury foundation is one of those great products I like to use from time to time ( I don’t usually apply makeup everyday) and when I do use it I’m amazed at the outcome! Glad this product is a success for you too!

  • Philebur

    Hello there thanks for this review, it is of great value. Well there are a lot fake foundation out there which can can a lot of  skin reactions but then Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation I suppose is one of the best so far. I know a lot of people who use this product and they all give positive feedback on the product

    • Sariyah

      Hiya phile thank you for the comment. I’d like to say when trying out foundations it’s always best to perform a patch test beforehand that way you can see if the product is suitable for your skin without a major reaction.

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