how to remove makeup effectively -properly and quickly

So you want to learn how to how to remove makeup effectively whilst being gentle to your skin. I mean DUH! Who wouldn’t. Well then my friends you are at the right place.

How to remove makeup properlyRemoving all the makeup is essential as it helps look after your skin by keeping it clean and getting rid of bacteria which can build up.

You should make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly before bed unless you don’t mind getting spots and want to make your skin look old!

Leaving makeup on through the night whilst you sleep can cause many problems such as eye infections as well as other infections. It can also cause acne or worsen it.

You will also need to clean your skin if you’re going to apply fresh makeup for example if you want to switch from evening makeup to day makeup or  similar situations, you’d need a blank canvas to start on.

OK here we go!


What I usually like to start with and I’m sure most people do too is the eyes. The delicate eyes. You want to know how it’s done or shall I say how I do it?

Well you will need 3 cotton discs first of all, one cut in half and a cotton bud. You then need to dampen the halved discs in water or a little makeup remover so that it can easily stick under your eye.

Now that the pad is under the eye, whilst keeping it there, get a cotton bud dipped in an appropriate cleanser made for the eyes and close your eyes (obviously one eye first unless you can see through your eyelid, lol imagine that).how to remove makeup effectively

With the cotton bud gently roll it down your eyelash towards the halved cotton disc. This should help remove the mascara and top liner if you’re using the right cleanser. Keep rolling the bud gently till you’ve removed a decent amount of mascara or other product.

Keeping the halved discs there, get a dry cotton bud to gently wipe across your waterline to remove liner if you’re wearing any.

Now what to do with the whole cotton discs?

Grab your cleanser that removes makeup and dampen the 2 whole cotton in the liquid. Whilst holding the halved discs, wipe one whole disc across your eyelid so that any remaining mascara or liner as well as eye shadow is removed. Repeat if necessary and don’t forget the other to remove makeup effectively

If you have shaded your brows or filled them in then you can dip a cotton bud in cleanser and use it on your brow to get rid of any product.

Don’t forget the lips!

Moving onto the lips. If you’re wearing lipstick then, using an appropriate cleanser, like you did with the brows, dampen the cotton bud and run it along your lips or for a faster way grab a cotton disc or tissue (a quality one otherwise it will rip or stick to your lips without doing the job) with cleanser and wipe till the lipstick has vanished and all you can see is your beautiful bare lips!

You could use an oily cleanser if you’re wearing a long-lasting lipstick as it’s more effective in removing stubborn to remove makeup effectively

Cleansing is the main part

Jumping to the face now. First and foremost pick a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type.

For example if your skin is sensitive then use a cleanser made for delicate and sensitive skin. If you’re wearing heavy makeup then an oily formula will do better.

Okay now that’s out the way, squeeze a little cleanser onto your hands and gently apply the product on your beautiful face, making sure not to miss the hairline and around the nostrils.

Rub it in circular motions all over your face gently. Don’t rub to hard as it will irritate your skin.

Once you’ve finished rubbing it in, grab a cotton pad, if you like you can dampen it with water, then wipe it across your face to remove all the cleanser.

You’ll know you’ve done a great job when you look at the pad and it’s covered in makeup. Ahhh free the skin! You may repeat if need be.

Cleansing is done, what’s next?

Now that your skin can finally breathe you can apply the appropriate toner with a cotton pad or if you like your hands. 

A toner helps tighten skin, balance skin tone and decrease the visibility of large to remove makeup effectively

Of course after the toner comes the moisturiser. You can also exfoliate before moisturiser if required. When moisturising do make sure you use the correct product depending on your skin type as I’ve said before. (Hope I’m not repeating myself too much)

And there you have it peeps, you are good to go. Now go and show off your beautiful complexion.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it or in other words learnt something.

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As always if you have any suggestions or questions then please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Have a good day or night! ?

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  • Aubin Tshiyole

    This is an article that I will most certainly share with all the females in my life. If I am not mistaken, they use wet wipes to remove the makeup of their face. Is this an effective way to remove makeup or do they have to try out a new method? I will be sure to wait for your feedback 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Aubin,

      I would be delighted for the share! And as for what’s effective to remove makeup, it really depends on how much time they have and really their personal preference, I personally like using wipes as they are super quick and easy to access!

  • Jannette

    Sometimes I would forget to remove makeup and fall asleep before cleansing my face. By my carelessness sleeping with makeup on and got acne on my face resulting in panic mode trying to find a quick way to get rid of that acne. Another issue was removing eye liner, some eye-liners are tough to wash off and you are trying to scrub with no success. 

    • Sariyah

      Jannette thanks for stopping by!

      I totally get what you are talking about! I sometimes forget I’m still wearing makeup until at night I randomly wake up and remember so then I run and grab a wipe. They’re always easy to use!

      Try using a cotton bud for eyeliner it’s much more precise therefore quick.

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