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    Barry m brow wow – how good is it!

    Hey wonderful peeps! Today I decided to give Barry m brow wow pencil a go after casually strolling through the eye makeup aisle and then spotting a bargain. I had to do double takes in order for me to realise what I was seeing was true. Sometimes finding a product that works and is affordable at the same time is quite tricky. I was hoping this was one of those rare items. Well let’s see if I did find that treasure. Continue reading if you would like to know what I thought of and my favourite aspects of this eyebrow pencil was. Barry m’s description about this product: ‘Get brows…

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    Charlotte Tilbury brow lift – worth it?

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn commission if click and make a purchase but no additional cost to you. It’s so awesome how doing something small like filling in your brows can lift the whole of your face (lift as in the enhancing way not the physical lift, just in case you got scared). I desperately wanted to try something new so I asked my friend if she had anything interesting that I can play around with, which she then suggested the Charlotte Tilbury brow lift. This Charlotte Tilbury brow lift provides you with 3 benefits in 1, in the from of a pencil! You…

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    nyx micro eyebrow pencil- how good is it?

    I’m sure you all remember how much the brow game changed throughout the years and how you tried your best to catch up with it. From plucking to filling and everything in between just to get that right shape to frame your face. In other words, you may have gone through all sorts of eyebrow products like gels and pencils to try to cope with the trend. Well at least for me this is true and I’d like to tell you out of all the cheap products I’ve tried so far, I really like the NYX micro eyebrow pencil. Well at least for now until I find another fav! The brow…


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