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too faced sculpting concealer- Honest review

To be completely honest I don’t really use concealers often, mainly because I get the coverage I need from the foundations unless I’m really looking tired then I’d grab one. So for those of you wondering why I got the too faced sculpting concealer, well I’d like to say the ‘multi-use’ feature is what attracted me to it.

The concealer does have a pretty long name, too faced born this way super coverage multi use sculpting concealer! Phew!

This particular concealer can be used for contour, highlight, and retouch. Pretty cool if you ask me! That way I know I haven’t wasted money because I can use it for something other than concealing.

What too faced claim this product can do:

Conceal, contour, highlight, and retouch with this super perfecting, natural finish concealer/makeup hybrid. The ultimate multi-use formula for a modern and hydrated photo-ready complexion.

Fully loaded pigments provide maximum coverage with an undetectable finish for a look so flawless they’ll think you were Born This Way.

If you are curious to know if any of these claims are somewhat true then please do read on!

Quick overview:


  • Great coverage
  • Only need a small amount to provide coverage
  • Smooth texture
  • Long lasting
  • Multiuse


  • Expensive
  • Feels a little heavy under eyes

The first thing you notice when you open it is how visually large it appears compared to the average concealers.

This concealer is bottled in 15ml whereas others are packed in 7ml, 10ml or around similar measurements.

This does look a little expensive but if you look at the price per ml it’s actually great value for money! Which I’m definitely after and probably many of youse too!too faced sculpting concealer


I have combination skin and I really love the formula of this concealer. Eventhough it aims to provide full coverage which it sure does, it doesn’t feel that heavy or awfully thick, however under my eye it starts to feel a little tight.

It calmly hydrates my dry areas but also doesn’t seem to trigger the extra oil production when using the beauty blender.

I prefer using the applicator to dot on and then a beauty blender to blend. I found the usage of fingers encouraged my oiliness to come out so if you have oily or combination areas refrain from using your fingers.

I use the concealer under my eyes and just at the corners where I have a little darkness and it does a good job at hiding them so from this I can tell I did get “maximum coverage”.

Just a small amount was enough for me, making the pigmentation great.

It also doesn’t seem to release a smell either. And blends effortlessly thanks to its smooth texture.


Too faced state this concealer is “long wearing for 12 hours” and I can tell you this is and isn’t true.

The isn’t is for those who don’t or forget to use setting spray/powder at the end, expect around 6 hours,which is still good.

But the good news is that it did last a decent amount of time once I did set it, an easy 9 hours, after then I decided I was done for the day so wiped clean. I feel like it can easily do another couple of hours.

Conceal, contour and highlight?

As mentioned before this pretty useful feature was what made this concealer stand out even more for me.

But merely stating it isn’t enough, I have to test it and receive a positive outcome.

So off I went, I dotted the concealer on my nose and just by my brow bone to highlight and found it did produce satisfactory results but I needed a lighter colour than expected to ensure it actually appeared like I was wearing something.

As for contour and touch up it did impress me. The touch up was the most useful for me as I really like the coverage it provides, I would compare it to a foundation.

In the end the too faced multi use concealer does what is states but if I had to pick up on something then the ‘highlight’ feature for me was a little off.

It could be because I hadn’t picked the right colour match as I did choose it online.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to make do with what I have but honestly no big complaints.

Shade range

I like the names that have been given to these shades, they make me hungry some of them do!

It’s available in an astonishing 35 shades with a range of undertones, just like the foundation! The shade that I usually go for is pearl but sometimes have to mix it with a lighter shade which can be a problem at times.


I think this concealer would be a great addition to those of you who are after a heavier coverage but want it to resemble as close as possible to the skin without the cakiness and heaviness.

I probably would keep the too faced concealer because I have more positives to talk about then anything else apart from the cost but if I compare it to other concealers such as the other too faced concealer then it’s totally worth it!

What do you think about this concealer? Is it worth it? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day! ?

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