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Elf 16hr camo concealer review – Honest opinion!

The elf 16hr camo concealer is vegan, cruelty-free and affordable, who wouldn’t want to give that a go! It’s also free from junk such as phthalates, parabens and sulfates. Do continue reading the Elf 16hr camo concealer review to find out how it truly performs!

I’ve tried many elf products and so far have had positive experiences so I guess I don’t know, I expect a similar pattern.

Another reason why I decided to go for the camo concealer is, Elf 16hr camo concealer review

I’ll give you a clue, it’s in the name.

Yeah the 16hr wear! Not that I’m expecting the full hours but at least half of that would be cool too!

So shall we begin? I suggest we do!

Quick overview:


  • Decent shade range with various undertones
  • Isn’t heavy
  • Blend-able
  • Great lastage


  • Consistency is a little thick

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Starting with the shade range…

Shade range

The shade range is one of my favourite things about the elf 16hr camo concealer. They go from fair, light, medium, tan, deep and rich. With cool, neutral and warm undertones.

The shade is a selection of 26 varieties. I’d say the colour does match fairly however at times depending on the season I have to do a little mix and match but other than that it’s a thumbs up for the most part.


Elf 16hr camo concealer reviewThe elf concealer comes with a large doe foot applicator which means applying it should be fun and easy!

Did I find it fun or at least easy? Well yeah but as I only literally apply small amounts of concealer, I found that the applicator grabbed more product then I needed.

Which I guess is great for some or for those who use a good amount of product.

I usually prefer to use my pinky finger to dab, so what I did was smother some on my hand and then go from there.

When I gave the applicator a go I found that it actually worked better than the fingers to achieve a smooth finish however this doesn’t stop me from using my fingers!

If I put my preference aside then I’d say the doe foot applicator does a decent job, going down smoothly!

Lightweight or heavyweight

It’s really important that concealers in my opinion are super lightweight because if we are going to be wearing foundation and other products then imagine how freaking heavy and suffocating that would feel on your skin. That would feel stiff as a robot!

Elf mention that this camo concealer is “lightweight, highly pigmented” so I was definitely expecting some wicked results. So what did I get?Elf 16hr camo concealer review

At first, it seemed heavy going down however once I started to blend it in, the results were better. It did appear to be a little thick but nothing too tight.

I would give it the lightweight feature overall as it wasn’t cakey, which is generally a common problem seen in heavy-feel products.

How easy is it to blend?

As you can tell I prefer using my fingers so what did I use to blend this concealer? Yep you guessed it my pinky finger! Strange a little but I’m used to it especially when I don’t have my brushes at hand!

I only used a little concealer so it was pretty easy to pat down.

I also tried to use a little extra product (of course to make this review fair) and then blended using a small concealer brush and the results were pretty decent.

It was just as easy as using small amounts of concealer so overall the elf camo concealer blends well!

You can check out the elf 16hr came concealer here!

What do you think of elf products? Do you have a favourite or a product you aren’t a fan of?

If you don’t want to leave then tap here to view the elf flawless foundation review which elf recommend to use together!Elf 16hr camo concealer review

You could also view the elf glitter eyeshadow here!

Have a great day!?

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  • Diana

    Thank you for your honest review – Elf 16hr camo concealer – Honest opinion! Getting a great concealer is a task. Make-up can boot a woman’s self confidence. I look for long lasting and light coverage. Heavy concealers can lead to clogged pore and cause your skin to break-out. I will definitely try it out. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Diane, thanks for the comment!

      Heavy makeup products surely don’t help oily skins many times!

      Let me know if you do give it a try, I’d love to know your experience!

  • Gaurav Gaur

    Hi Sariyah
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the ELF Camo Concealer. 26 variants in the shade is a good choice, quite impressive for 16 Hrs range. Blending seems to be quite smooth in this product. I hope it will make a good choice to gift it to my daughter who searches all such stuff in the ocean of net.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Sariyah

      If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money but at the same time want a great deal of quality products then I suggest you check out elf. They offer a range of products all vegan and cruelty-free!

  • Daniel Tshiyole

    This is a very well-written article, something I would definitely recommend to my sister and mom. This is because I do not know much about it and I am not interested in it, But I must say, your article is well-written and very informative. I would like to know how you were able to get ads on your site. I am struggling in that department. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Daniel thanks for nice comment, greatly appreciated!

      As for ads you would have to apply to say for example AdSense then after they have accepted you, you will be given a code which you will need to add it into your site. You have to have a certain amount of visitors to apply though!

  • amot

    This is very nice. I love make up and anything cosmetics. These past few years, I have been trying my best to understand vegan products and how they are more beneficial for one’s health. This concealer sounds superb and being able to last for 16 good hours, sheesh, that’s mind-blowing. I can’t wait to lay my hands on this.

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks for stopping by! 

      Vegan makeup surely is a blessing!

      At first when I heard of the lastage of this product I was like you gotta be kidding but then when I actually tried it though it didn’t last full 16hr I was surprised as to how long it got through!

      I bet you found a whole list of goodness achievable from Vegan makeup products.

  • Lily

    I love concealers especially now that I am getting a little older and have those unsightly liver spots appearing everywhere. I tend to use a concealer on my face under my makeup and it is hard to get one that blends well but still conceals. So I am very interested in the Elf concealer and your description of how you use it really helped me.

    I’m a pinky finger user myself but I will also give the applicator a try, thanks.

    • Sariyah

      Hey lily thanks for stopping by!

      I have heard creating a mixture with oatmeal, honey and milk can help reduce appearance of age spots, but I guess using a concealer is another option.

      Using the pinky finger is just so much easier right?

  • Alisa

    Loving this vegan concealer. I’m a vegan so I’m always looking for vegan makeup and this concealer sounds great for any age of skin. You’re right about not wanting a heavy concealer under a foundation – lightweight is best that blends well. Thanks for your great review – definitely happy to hear that the product doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals.

    I see you’ve also done a review of the Elf foundation, what are their eye shadows like?

    Cheers 🙂

    • Sariyah

      Hey Alisa thanks for the comment!

      Their eyeshadows are good if you look at the price, they are easy to blend but you can end up over blending them of not careful. The glitter eyeshadows are good to add some sparkle on to your look.

      You can check out my review on them for a full performance test!

      Elf Glitter eyeshadow
      elf everyday palette

  • Barry Amadasun


    Hey Alisa thanks for the comment!

    Their eyeshadows are good if you look at the price, they are easy to blend but you can end up over blending them of not careful. The glitter eyeshadows are good to add some sparkle on to your look.

    You can check out my review on them for a full performance test!

    Elf Glitter eyeshadowelf everyday palette

  • LineCowley

    This is a very helpful review on the Elf concealer. It would be interesting to know if it did actually last for 16 hours, but I don’t usually wear makeup for that long, so it shouldn’t be a problem, unless I am travelling. 

    I like the way in which you say that you usually dab concealer on with your pinky finger, as it is exactly what I do. I normally find it easier to dab and get an even spread, rather than use the applicator. Elf concealer sounds well worth giving it a try. 

  • Anusuya

    Hi Sariyah,

    Many want to look beautiful. That’s the reason, the makeup world is boosting its revenue year after year.

    I look at vegan cruelty-free products, free from phthalates, paraben, and other toxic chemicals.

    Elf 16hr camo concealer is a great product. It contains all the great stuff above and has multiple shades.

    It is fairly lightweight so it doesn’t add a heavy layer to your face. It is easy to apply using a brush.

    It is a good one to try it out.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Anusuya thanks for stopping by!

      Elf is a great brand for anyone looking for affordable good quality products. This concealer for me was great overall especially considering the price.

      I would suggest this product to anyone looking for a great priced lightweight formula!

  • pasindu dimanka

    Thanks a lot for this valuable and detailed post about concealer. This concealer is really good. I have seen my sister take. She will listen to this a lot because it is not very heavy. I will definitely send this post to her. Keep posting like this. She will definitely buy this.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Pasindu thanks for the comment! And the share, much appreciated

      I’m glad you found this review valuable, the elf 16 hr concealer is a great product to cover uneven skin tone, being affordable too!

  • Bojana

    This is the right text for us women. Very sincere of you. I’m always in favor of that concealer option. I even sometimes just use concealer without applying foundation or other makeup. The look is perfect. However, to be honest, I haven’t used a pminka of this brand, so I would really like to try it.

  • Shannon

    Great review!  I’m always looking for makeup ideas.  I haven’t used Elf products since back in the day when I used to order Ipsy sample bags every month.  I love that the concealer comes in so many shades.  I might have to see if I can get my hands on a tube for myself.  Do you use different shades for different parts of your face?  Thanks for sharing!

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks Shannon for the comment!

      The shade range is amazing right! I tend to use one shade for the whole face however if I find that it doesn’t match my skin tone well then I’d usually mix two shades, creating a better match!

  • Michel Maling

    This concealer seems great with the only con being its thick consistency. I suppose concealer has to be thick in order to hide blemishes. I have tried some more liquid concealers before and I find that they don’t conceal enough.

    The main bonus with this one of course is that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it, and we are all trying to eliminate these types of things on our skins in this day and age. I agree with you that the best way to get it on is pat it with your pinky finger.

  • Matias

    As a guy trying to find a thoughtful gift for my girlfriend who loves makeup, your review of the elf 16hr camo concealer has been a lifesaver. I might not understand all the intricacies of makeup, but your detailed insights make it much easier for me to pick something she’d love. The variety of shades and the lightweight formula are great features. Thanks for helping me score some extra points in the gift-giving department!

  • Idem

    I just finished reading your review of the Elf 16HR Camo Concealer, and I must say it was quite enlightening. The fact that it’s a full-coverage concealer that can last for 16 hours straight is impressive.

    I’ve been on the hunt for a concealer that doesn’t crease and your detailed review has piqued my interest in this product.

    The fact that it’s vegan and cruelty-free is a huge plus!

    Best wishes,


  • Ashley

    Thank you for sharing your thorough review of the Elf 16hr camo concealer! It’s helpful to hear about your experiences with the product, especially regarding its shade range, application, and blendability. I appreciate your honesty about the consistency being a little thick but manageable. As someone who values lightweight concealers, it’s reassuring to know that despite initially feeling heavy, it blends well and doesn’t end up cakey. Your insights about using the doe foot applicator and blending techniques are also valuable for potential users. Overall, your review has piqued my interest in trying out this concealer, and I look forward to exploring more Elf products based on your recommendations!

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