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    Elf matte putty primer – honest review

    I decided to go for the elf matte putty primer as I was getting tired of my skin shining excessively and I needed something totally new, a different type of formula so this putty seemed like the perfect product. So if you are curious to know how it performs then continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects of this primer as well as anything I wasn’t a fan of. Quick overview Pros Easy application Gentle formula making it great for sensitive skin Affordable No strong scent Cons Didn’t last as long as expected Little tacky Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn…

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    Elf 16hr camo concealer review – Honest opinion!

    The elf 16hr camo concealer is vegan, cruelty-free and affordable, who wouldn’t want to give that a go! It’s also free from junk such as phthalates, parabens and sulfates. Do continue reading the Elf 16hr camo concealer review to find out how it truly performs! I’ve tried many elf products and so far have had positive experiences so I guess I don’t know, I expect a similar pattern. Another reason why I decided to go for the camo concealer is, I’ll give you a clue, it’s in the name. Yeah the 16hr wear! Not that I’m expecting the full hours but at least half of that would be cool too!…

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    Elf liquid glitter eyeshadow review – How good is it?

    I haven’t tried any sort of glimmery eyeshadow before so the elf liquid glitter eyeshadow was my first experience! And did I enjoy it? Well you’d have to read to find out! I decided to let elf’s glitter eyeshadow to be the first as the pricing is just right, so if I wasn’t a fan of it then I wouldn’t worry that I blew my money and if I did enjoy it, well then that’s great! Oh and an interesting fact about this eyeshadow is that it is an allure 2020 best of beauty award winner! But that’s not why I picked it, trust me! Quick overview: Pros Good shade…

  • Different types of foundation in makeup
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    Elf flawless finish foundation review-How well does it perform?

    If you want to see how this foundation really performs, well then my friends you’re at the right place, continue reading this elf flawless finish foundation review and you’ll find out! I decided to purchase the flawless finish foundation as I was looking for a matte foundation which also catered for the oily side of my skin. This particular foundation is oil free so seemed like the perfect solution. Plus elf state it’s suitable for all skin types which I would say definitely convinced me even more as I have a somewhat sensitive skin and finding a foundation which ticks all these boxes is quite tricky. Disclosure: This post may…

  • Elf smooth and set eye powder

    Cheap vegan makeup brands- everyone can afford

    There are makeup brands that thankfully contain all products which are both cruelty-free and vegan(they were limited but now rapidly increasing), as well as some brands which sell only a few vegan products but are still all cruelty-free or vice versa. Vegan makeup doesn’t have to be wallet emptying, check out these cheap vegan makeup brands! So you have to be careful when selecting a product by making sure they are both vegan and cruelty-free, that’s if it’s what you are looking for. Imagine how great it would be if all products were as pain free and healthy! WOW! Please do read on if you are looking for affordable vegan…

  • Vegan foundation for acne prone skin
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    Elf acne fighting foundation- Suitable for sensitive skin?

    I heard about how good the elf acne fighting foundation is as well as a few not so good experiences, so I thought I’d check it out for myself, see how it goes and anyways I do consider my skin as sensitive and by the sounds of it, it is a product made for peeps with irritating skin. The price partly encouraged me to go ahead and purchase it. So if you’d like to know how it went please do continue reading! Elf on their acne fighting foundation: “Acne Fighting Foundation is full coverage and infused with salicylic acid, witch-hazel, camphor, tea tree, and soothing aloe that help fight blemishes.…

  • Best vegan foundation

    Best foundation for combination skin!- you need to try!

    Ahh! Combination skin, the tricky one, the one that can’t make up it’s mind on which side to stay, the one that sometimes drains you looking for the perfect foundation. I fully understand the problems combo skin peeps go through as I’m also part of the team, that’s why I’ve decided to list a few of the best foundation for combination skin! (and other reasons too!) If you have a combination skin then you have a mixture of both oily and dry areas. Oil tends to build up on the forehead whereas dryness appear on the cheeks and other areas. You may be thinking ‘oh great I need two whole different…

  • Elf smooth and set eye powder
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    elf smooth and set eye powder – Honest opinion

    A while back I had brought my first elf product that happened to be the satin eyeliner. My experience with the eyeliner was great overall so this led me to purchase another elf product, it happened to be the elf smooth and set eye powder. Of course I didn’t just randomly pick it up as firstly I needed an eye powder and secondly there were some features that really spoke to me when reading the description. And it’s those features that I’m going to be going through to see how true they are and obviously the aspects that I think would make the product even better in my opinion if they…


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