Best clear eyebrow gel you must check out!

Clear brow gels are great to use with other brow products to add more depth or on their own for a subtle or bold look. Whatever the reason be, check out these best clear eyebrow gel which will surely help you get the effect you are after!

Oh and did you know you can get that laminated brow look without going to a salon! Yes that’s right, these products are here for you!

Let’s get rolling!

Quick Overview 

  • Eyeko brow gel
  • Beauty bay brow fixer fibre gel
  • The body shop brow and lash gel
  • Refy brow sculpt
  • Hourglass arch brow shaping gel

Eyeko brow gel

Best clear eyebrow gelThe eyeko brow in clear is a nourishing gel which sets brows in place for an astonishing 24 hours, it’s even backed by 96% of 78 participants who agreed it does.

Apart from its strong hold this gel is also waterproof so you need not to worry about any sweat ruining your beautiful brows!

They claim you won’t need to visit a salon to get a ‘laminated brow look’, it’s all done at home! And if you want to add definition then grab their brow pencil and get going.

This brow gel is one of the brands best-selling products.

If you’re curious to know more then give a tap here!

Beauty bay brow fixer fibre gel

‘Here to groom, tame, and keep your brow game strong’ is what they say!

Best clear eyebrow gel

The brow fixer gel by beauty bay is a great affordable product for any of youse who is after a ‘thicker fluffier and more defined brows’‘.

It features a waterproof gel with tiny microfibers that thicken hair whilst also leaving a natural looking finish.

What’s also good to know is it’s formulated with vitamin E and castor oil! It’s also lightweight and has a non sticky formula so you aren’t left with stiff but a soft and free hold!

If you want a more in depth look at how beauty bays brow gel performs then tap here!

The body shop brow and lash gel

The body shop brow gel is a pretty cool and definitely useful product, it presents as not only a brow gel but also a lash one too! Yes that’s right the same formula can be swiped on the lashes.Best clear eyebrow gel

You can ‘tame unruly brows’ and enhance lashes with it’s gentle ingredients that includes the soothing organic aloe vera, making it suitable for sensitive as well as contact lens wearers.

Refy brow sculpt

An award winner of the summer beauty 2021 the brow sculpt possess a unique formula and applicator which can be best described as versatile. According to refy the formula is a ‘perfect blend between a wax and gel’.Best clear eyebrow gel

It’s easy and soft to apply yet is still able to hold your brow hair firmly in place thanks to the addition of carnauba wax, a great vegan alternative to beeswax.

Talking about the applicator, it features a double end brush which allows you to comb and shape or brush up and set for a full brow effect.

Don’t worry it’s flake free and water resistant so nothing can mess with your brows!

For a full review on the refy brow sculpt, tap here!

Hourglass arch brow shaping gel

The arch brow shaping gel by hourglass is said to set hair in place ‘instantly’ so if you are in a hurry but need that effortless definition, then I guess this gel has got you!Best clear eyebrow gel

It coats brow hair in invisible gel from root to tip with its dual sided applicator featuring long and short bristles to evenly distribute product.

The formula should leave you with a soft hold that’s ment to last without any flaking. Hourglass states just one swipe is all you need really!

If you’re interested in the hourglass brow gel then tap here for a more in-depth look at how it performs!

That’s all for now peeps!

Now it’s your turn! Tell me do you have a favourite brow product, be it gel or pencil, which you love using? Let me know in the comment section below!

If you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out the many forms brow products come in!

Or if you are looking for something to help you attain that dream brow with bolder and fuller hair click here!

Best clear eyebrow gel

Have a great day!

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  • Louisa

    I really like this post about the brow gels, thank you. I personally use the body shops brow and lash gel, its easy to use and I like the finish. I really like the way you go into detail about each product, it helps when purchasing these products to understand what texture it leaves on your brow and how the finish is. 

    • Sariyah

      Hi Louisa thanks for the nice comment!

      Glad to hear the body shop brow gel works great for you, was planning on trying it out myself! Brow gels are so easy to use plus you can’t really go wrong with them! 

  • Jenny Hennig

    I love my eyebrows to have a naturally defined look, therefore I prefer using a clear brow gel instead of a coloured one.  Right now, I am actually using the Body Shop one, and I am quite pleased with it.  I am a fan of The Body Shop products, and I do like that this brow gel also doubles as a clear mascara.  However, after reading your review on the Beaty Bay brow fixer fibre gel, I am wanting to try it out.  I like the added microfibres to give you thicker, fluffier brows.

    • Sariyah

      Hi Jenny thanks for the comment!

      Oh that’s good the body shop eyebrow gel is a great one, I’ve been wanting to try it for a while so hopefully that’s my next purchase!

      The beauty bay is my current brow gel, I love the pricing and how well it maintains my brows, I do recommend it especially since it’s affordable! You can check out my review on it by tapping here!

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