Glossier generation g lipstick – How good is it?

I decided to purchase the glossier generation g lipstick after experiencing how good their lip gloss and pro tip eyeliner was.

Next I wanted a lip colour which wasn’t too rich but still showed enough colour to be noticeable so I guess that’s when the gen g popped up!

Stay with me as I go through what I liked most about this lipstick as well as anything which could have done with some improvement!

Quick overview:


  • Easy to apply
  • Good for not overly dry lips
  • Great for daily and casual use


  • Not as long lasting
  • Would love a wide shade range


Glossier generation g lipstickDescription

The glossier generation g lipstick describes it’s self as a ‘sheer matte lipstick’ which gives as well as finish of a blotted lipstick, ‘just-blotted lipstick, without the blot’.

For those of you who aren’t aware a blotted lipstick is one which leaves quite a light subtle colour.

It’s colour diffuses into your lips so it looks like a lip stain, it’s great for an everyday natural look.

The generation g lipstick is available in six shades including a peach, pinks, red, a brown and a dark berry. It’s said to go down easily too!

Right let’s get into how it actually performs!

Ease of application

Glossier state their lip colour is easy to swipe thanks to its diffused matte texture, which just means it’s a matte that’s got a toned down pigment, they even go as far as saying you won’t need a mirror!

Now that’s some confidence!

So how did I find it?

Well I can certainly say it was easy to get on but you must use a moisturiser beforehand or lip balm if you have overly dry lips like me!

Otherwise, the road will be quite a bumpy one!

But I will say it was easy to apply and about not needing a mirror, well I had to use one thanks to my tiny lips which even if I blink and apply, the colour will end up on my chin or above the upper lip!

The colour it leaves is a beautifully subtle shade which does in my opinion appear quite natural especially the shade I’ve purchased called ‘like’, a light cool pink.

Glossier generation g lipstick

Is it drying or moisturizing?

With ingredients like safflower oil and blue agave, the generation g lip colour aims to keep lips soft and smooth by preventing moisture loss.

However, despite this my lips still managed to become thirsty. The lipstick did well for the first 2 hours however after that my lips became chapped.

I’m not too disappointed as I expect this, it happens all to often with many lipsticks when I don’t moisturise or prep beforehand.

I found the best solution to apply lip balm or any moisturizer first and then the lip colour.

And then when the colour becomes less visible to reapply both products in the same order. I sometimes use honey underneath as a base as it’s a great natural moisturiser! (Tasty too)

I feel anyone who doesn’t have a naturally dry lips will definitely find this to be hydrating enough, well hopefully.

Colour lastage

Glossier generation g lipstick
A swatch of the generation g lipstick

This is a sheer matte finish with dialed down pigment too, so straight away I knew lastage wasn’t going to be it’s strongest feature. Was I right?

Yep! Naturally this lipstick has a light pigment to it, so would you expect it to still be going strong after a couple of hours? I wouldn’t or at least I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t.

So for me this lipstick had to be reapplied every 4 hours, not bad to be honest.

The generation g lipstick has a scent to it, a rosy smell which is actually said to be a ‘lychee rose’ scent. It is not strong, subtle and indeed fresh just like glossier state. I like the fragrance overall, quite pleasant, it’s not bothering unlike some products which have quite a strong smell.

Did you know glossier now have a lipstick that is ultra sheer, a perfect option for individuals who love the moisture of a balm but colour of a lip tint! Check it out here!


Overall I rate the generation g lipstick an 8/10! I really love the subtle colour and the shades. I find it cool how on each individuals lips it’s a unique shade because of its dialed down pigment.

The only slight downside for me was that it wasn’t hydrating enough but other than that it’s a thumbs up from me!

I’m definitely willing to try the rest of the shades especially the deep berry one named ‘jam’.

It’s great for anyone who is looking for a matte finish but with less boldness. It’s also ideal for an every day or casual look, definitely blends in well with my lip tone. The shade ‘like’ fits perfectly for a no makeup effect since it it resembles a natural lip colour.

If you need to add a hint of quick colour wherever you are, then it would definitely prove useful!

What finish lipstick do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comment section below!

And if you want to check out more vegan matte lipsticks then tap here! Otherwise…

Have a great day!?

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  • Michel

    This article came at the right time for me, as yesterday was the first time that our country (South Africa) was allowed to go mask-free. I got a shock to discover that most of my lipsticks and lip glosses had dried up due to not using them for the past two years.

    Revlon was a favorite, but now I believe they are closing down, so I need to find other brands that agree with me, and the glossier range looks great, as I love matt lipstick. I like that you can apply lip balm underneath the lipstick, as most lipsticks don’t stick too well to lip balm.

  • pasindu dimanka

    This is actually a great post. My girlfriend loves this lipstick. He also loves this Glossier generationg. Because it is very easy to use. And it can be used very casually. She needs it so much. I think I will definitely send her this post. Thanks a lot for posts like this. Keep posting like this in the future.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Pasindu thanks for the comment!

      The generation g lipstick for sure is a great product to carry around, I think your friend would love it, hopefully!

      Have a great day!

  • Anusuya

    I like you write about the product after you actually have tried it. The experiences speak a lot. Your adjustments and recommendations are worth a lot to anyone. 

    One can wear, it for a few hours with or without a balm or moisturizer depending on the hydration of the lips. You can replenish them in a similar way after hours. Not bad.

    I agree with 8/10.

    My only lip cosmetic is chapstick white color. I have a real thirsty lip, which I don’t enjoy.

    Thank you for your post. I may try out honey and see how it works as a moisturizer.

    I recommend generation g to my daughter and see if she likes them

    • Sariyah

      Thanks for stopping by Anusuya!

      I definitely recommend the natural honey as a moisturizer and you should check out the generation g lipstick!

      I also have naturally dry lips too so totally understand the struggles! Even moisturizing lipsticks aren’t enough at times!

      Have a great day!

  • Vlad Madan

    Hello Sariyah,

    First of all, thank you for the article. I find it very interesting, especially for my wife. She happens to be using the g lipsticks too, but a little brighter color. She also used to look for a lipstick brand that wouldn’t leave her lips dry. Besides she always wanted to keep it at least for a couple of hours. Now she is using it and she is quite happy. Thank you for the post again!

  • LineCowley

    I normally prefer a lipstick that has a subtle colour, without being overly glossy, or too bold and bright. So the Glossier Generation g lipstick seems to be a good option for me to try. 

    I tend to have quite dry lips, and have never tried to put moisturiser or lip balm on first, so it is a great tip that you say to apply the generation g lipstick after moisturising first. To have coverage for about 4 hours, is quite good for me, so I will give it a go. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line thanks for stopping by!

      Thats exactly how I too prefer a lipstick, literally like you read my mind! Trust me prepping beforehand certainly makes a difference!

      Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Dave Sweney

    I buy birthday and holiday gifts for the women in my life throughout the year, and I always am looking for good solid beauty products that they will use, as opposed to leaving them on display to placate me! This is why your review of the Glossier Generation G lipstick was valuable to me.

    It appears after reading through your assessment and review that this would indeed be something that my daughters would appreciate and use, as would my wife. Based on your assessment, I will give the lipstick a try for them (the daughters have birthdays coming up, and of course, there is Christmas right around the corner). 

    The blotted aspect is something the kids seek (a light, subtle color), and the advice to apply lip balm prior to application is helpful as my girls suffer from the same dry lip phenomenon as you do. Four hours of wearing before a touch-up is required will also cheer the kids up. The girls are all going to think I am a hero when they open their presents. Thanks!

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