Best colored liquid eyeliner – Vegan & Cruelty-free!

I know we all have an artistic side to us hiding in there somewhere so why not let our creative minds run free! Check out these best colored liquid eyeliner which will surely bring our imaginations to life!

Besides our imaginations, coloured eyeliners can be fun to play around with and they definitely will help you stand out from the crowd!

Without colour the world would be a boring place! Right?

Liners which come in a pen liquid form are probably the most easiest to use as they have tips which are precise allowing you to create sharp crisp results! Great for beginners too for that reason!

So shall we get rolling? I think so!

Quick Overview!

  • BBF liquid liner by colour pop
  • NYX glitter goals liquid eyeliner
  • 3INA makeup the colour pen
  • Barry m euphoric metallic eyeliner
  • Barry m hi vis neon liquid eyeliner
  • Urban decay heavy metal glitter
  • Aqua resist colour ink

BFF liquid liner by colour pop

Available in 7 shades, the colour pop liner uses a flexible tip to glide on smoothly leaving behind a colourful rich, intense pigmentation, with just one swipe.Best colored liquid eyeliner

The BFF liner doesn’t tug on your lids neither smudge nor run thanks to its transfer resistant formula! Colour pop promise this liner will ‘build you up and won’t let you down’ just like a real BFF!

NYX glitter goals liquid eyeliner

If you are a fan of the magical glittery stuff then you should check out NYX glitter goals eyeliner!

It comes in six colourful shades including orange, gold, pink, silver and much more! NYX state you could ‘shoot for the stars’ with these jewels.Best colored liquid eyeliner

They are said to be quick drying and apply easily with just a flick of a brush tip so you can add a ‘twinkly touch’ to any look in no time!

If you love adding sparkle then these glitter eyeliners would be of your interest!

3INA makeup the colour pen

The 3INA colour pen lets you create ‘vibrant cat eye flicks and on trend graphic liner looks’ with a selection of 6 different shades ranging from blue, yellow and white.Best colored liquid eyeliner

It’s super fine and flexible tip draws along smoothly on the lids which dries quickly leaving you with a long wearing smudge free and lets not forget a saturated colourful finish!

Barry m euphoric metallic eyeliner

These euphoric eyeliners come in five metallic shades to help you ‘bring out your bold side’. You get to pick from yellow, silver, rose gold, bronze and green!

Their fine tip lets you build your wonderful creations with precision in a matter of seconds so you are party ready in no time!Best colored liquid eyeliner

They’re highly pigmented too so one swipe will be just enough to show off your masterpiece!

For a in-depth review on the Barry m metallic liner tap here!

Barry m hi vis neon liquid eyeliner

For those neon loving colours, the hi vis liquid liner comes in 4 bold high pigmented shades. These liners are applied using a small tapered brush which is part of the liner.Best colored liquid eyeliner

The shades available are purple, pink, green and blue. If you want a ‘perfectly crisp wings’ in one the brightest colours then I guess you need to check these ‘fearless shades’.

You can view the neon liquid eyeliner here!

Urban decay heavy metal glitter

If you’re all about the sparkles and glam then the urban decays heavy metal glitter eyeliner might be the one for you!

It comes in a whopping 12 rocktastic shades including bright blues, browns, silvers, purples and much more. The ‘precise, thin tipped brush’ makes it easy to create sparkly lines. You could even use the brush to spread the sparkle all over your lids.Best colored liquid eyeliner

This formula has some special hidden ingredients which happen to be cucumber, carrot and peach extract, they help ‘conditions, smooths and softens the skin’.

If you wish to check out the full performance of the urban decay glitter liner than tap here!

Aqua resist colour ink

Available in 9 shades and 3 cool finishes, the makeup for ever’s new eyeliner features a waterproof as well as high intensity formula. On top of this it’s smudge and humidity proof making it stay strong for the whole day even through ‘extreme conditions’. ‘Intense, vivid, consistent colour payoff’ with just one swipe, is what the brand state.

The ultra fine tip design means creating precise lines and intricate details is much easier. All the shades except matte plum are vegan. The finishes include matte, metallic and chrome! Cool right!

That’s it for now peeps!

Do you own any coloured liners be it liquid or pencil? Let me know in the comment section below!

Or if you don’t want to leave yet then tap here to check out some awesome black liquid eyeliners!

Aren’t a fan of liquid liners? Then check out these soft pencil liners!

Have a great day!

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  • Anusuya

    The greatest artist of the Universe created the eye that alone is sufficient to move the world around you just by that look! It can attract people and can repel people from you-that is your look.

    Give some more prominence to your eye using just adding a simple line, precise, perfectly drawn and the color you want.

    Here is some eyeliner, can be a simple pen or a metal glitter highlighter that can dress and paint your eyeliner as you wish.

    There are 6 to pick and choose from. 

    I personally have never used any eyeliner but will bring this post to my daughter who is the exact opposite of me with respect to using makeup and eyeliner as well.

    Just wondering how do you make sure about these products are vegan?

    • Sariyah

      Hey Anusuya thanks for stopping by!

      To be sure if a product is vegan, try looking out for the vegan logo which is usually displayed if online on the website or if in a shop then it’ll be on the packaging. You can also contact the brand to be sure!

  • LineCowley

    This is a great selection of liquid eyeliners that are also vegan friendly and cruelty free. I do not often wear eyeliner, most probably because I currently have a pencil, that I find difficult to apply and tugs on my eyelids. But using a liquid eyeliner will make it so much easier to apply.  

    With so many color options available, it is time to invest in a liquid eyeliner to make my eyes come to life. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line thanks for the comment!

      A product which tugs or hurts the skin is often the result of a hard formula or one which isn’t soft and smooth, if you prefer pencils try using ones with a creamy consistency or as you have also mentioned a liquid liner which are often flexible and easy to run along the lids!

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