Barry m liquid liner – euphoric metallic liner

The Barry m liquid liner was brought by me as an affordable option to try out a metallic finish liner. I haven’t tested one before but always though they looked cool so I thought I’d purchase one at a price that if it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be too upset about.

Anyways here is what I thought about the Barry m euphoric metallic eyeliner!

Quick Overview


  • Precise applicator
  • highly pigmented
  • Decent lastage
  • Smooth texture
  • Affordable


  • Limited shade range
  • Small amount packaged


The euphoric metallic waterproof liquid liner features a ‘highly pigmented’ formula which is also supposed to be long-lasting. And with a ‘fine tipped’ precision brush you can create your desired look in a matter of seconds including the classic eye look

It’s vegan and cruelty-free too!

Barry m state this liner is best used on the eyelid and waterline should be avoided.

Let’s see how it actually performs now!


These liquid liners come in six metallic shades, each featuring a glistening touch of colour.

The shades available are ‘ecstatic’ which is a navy, ‘eager’, a grey, ‘elated’ a soft champagne according to the brand, ‘jubilant’ a medium brown, ‘jaded’ an emerald green and last but not least ‘thrilled’ described best as a light brown.

The shade which I currently have is ‘jaded’, an emerald green shade. I was initially going to go for the navy blue however I already have a blue coloured eyeliner so green was my next best option.

The shade does appear a nice deep green with a subtle not too strong shine. It certainly has a metallic appearance like stated instead of a faded shimmery look which is great!


Application is pretty easy overall however I’m used to using pens and pencil eyeliners so I did find the brush a little tricky.

At first, I was quite unsteady, getting a few pigments out of line however after a few attempts I got the hang of using a brush, yay! So if you’re like me, make sure to keep some cotton buds at hand!

If you use brushes often then the product is easy to get on, the applicator is small with a good tip allowing you to deposit colour precisely where you would like it. I believe it is possible to tight line your lid without any problems.


The formula is smooth, flowing nicely along wherever you brush. The texture can be felt on the lids and I’ll tell you that it’s smooth, almost like silk it feels!

The pigment is rich, it’s clearly visible on the first swipe and probably enough too. You can actually tell it’s a dark green from a distance which is what I wanted. The liner does have some glisten to it which is viewable at angles in the light too!

I would love to try the other shades too!


Now moving onto the lastage! I’d say the lastage is pretty decent considering the price it comes at, at under £6 and getting through most the day, I’d say roughly 7 hours with minor issues is impressive.

The issue I did experience with the liner was a little fading which I guess is thanks to my habit of touching my face often.

I didn’t have the problem of smudging or transferring which can be typically seen with liquid liners so that’s a thumbs up with the performance!

The only problem with the liner is that the packaging including the amount it contains is tiny! I think it’ll finish probably in a month or two and that’s not of daily usage.

Other than that I’d say it’s a great liner with an overall rating of ….

8.5/10! It’s affordable, has a decent lastage time, application is easy and awesome colours too! And the subtle metallic touch makes it versatile enough to wear daily as well as special occasions!

That’s it for now peeps!

If you want to check out more vegan coloured eyeliners then tap here!

What’s your preferred eyeliner finish, is it liquid liners, pencil or gel? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day!

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