The ultimate sheer lipstick! – Vegan edition!

Fan of sheer lipstick? Then you are at the right stop my friends! Stay with me as we go through some awesome examples including glossy and matte finishes in this ultimate sheer lipstick post!the ultimate sheer lipstick

Sheer lipsticks are an ideal option for those of you who are after a little pigment but more hydration. They also tend to possess good characteristics for filling in line on the lips thanks to their light consistency.

But like satin lipsticks, do be aware they often come out a lot lighter on the lips than they actually appear in the packaging!

Here are some of the best sheer lipsticks worth checking out!

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Quick Overview

  • Glossier generation G
  • Illamasqua sheer lip veil
  • Elf sheer slick lipstick
  • Victoria Beckham sheer lip paint

Glossier generation G

Sheer lipstickThe glossier generation g is a matte but sheer lipstick, featuring 9 shades. Including deep berry’s, neutral cocoa brown, subtle peach, new additions bright rosy red as well as a soft rosy taupe and more!

What’s cool about these shades is the hue is unique to every individual just like you are, looking different on everyone!

These lipsticks are best described as a just blotted finish without the blot! They are said to be buildable and easy to apply without even requiring a mirror.

If you want to know more about the finish, the generation g are ‘matte and diffused, with soft edges’. For a better comparison it’s like you’ve just been kissed!

The generation G are a great choice for everyday casual wear!

Tap here for more info on how it performs!

Illamasqua sheer lip veil

Giving you the option to choose from 12 ‘mouth-watering ’shades. These range from light pinks great for a neutral look to deep current and berries ideal for evenings out, the illamasqua sheer lip veil have got you covered! The lip veils are oil infused, coating as well as blending seamlessly into your natural lip colour.Sheer lipstick

They include ‘Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E’, ensuring that your pout is looked after through nourishment, conditioning along with protection whilst offering a beautiful tint.

They are really easy to apply and provide a comfortable all day wear minus the stickiness to match your makeup look.

Elf sheer slick lipstick

According to the brand this is a best seller! The sheer lipstick, only available in 2 hues, is best described as a ‘nourishing sheer lipstick’. Great option for anyone looking to add a subtle color and sheen. You can pick between ‘jam or jelly’ or ‘orange’ which as you can tell is either orange or a pinky hue. Though the selection is the ultimate sheer lipstickquite limited, it doesn’t reflect it’s capabilities.

The elf sheer slick lipstick provides a ‘dialed-down and delicious’ finish. You want to know where the inspiration comes from? Well it’s from the ‘first bite into a juicy piece of fruit’!

The inclusion of meadow foam seed oil along with vitamin E guarantee a softened and moistened lip for extended amount of times. The formula is somewhere between lipstick and lip balm giving it a creamy texture.

Why not check out how it actually performs by tapping here!

Victoria Beckham sheer lip tint

The bitten lip tint delivers a transfer proof flush of colour that is made to last all day according to the brand! It has a weightless barely there feel that apparently plumps and smooths your pout instantly upon application. The infusion of Hyaluronic Acid and squalene which is plant derived work to hydrate as well as nourish your lips.

The colour selection is limited with only 5 shades, which include cherry red, rich berry, sheer soft melon as well as other berry pigmented ones.Sheer lipstick

The bitten lip tint provides a buildable colour without the annoyance of typical lipsticks. No stickiness, no dryness and certainly no tightness! Oh and no mirror needed either!

If you want the fuller review on the Victoria Beckham lip tint then I suggest you tap here!

Kosas wet stick

The dosas wet stick is described as a ‘clean, balmy’ lip care stick. It features squalane along with ceramides which melt onto your lips, providing a beautiful sheer wash of colour as well as a ‘touch of soft, kissable shine’.

The two ingredients help to soften and moisturise your pout whilst the addition of hyaluronic acid helps attract water, therefore locks in hydration. The inclusion of peptides give the appearance of a visibly plump lip whilst the mango butter leaves a smooth finish. The lipstick itself features a ‘soft, balmy’ texture which accrodign to the brand makes each swipe feel ‘like a treat’!

The kosas lipstick is available in 12 awesome shades which include cool baby pink, warm rich brown, neutral pink beige, cool magenta to name a few! To use this moisturising lip shine just apply directly from the tube and you will be hit with instant hydration and sheer colour. For more pay off all you got to do is build up. For those of you who prefer a super slick finish layer with a wet lip gloss provided by the brand! The lip product is vegan, cruelty free as well as clean!

That’s it for now peeps! Over to you now, do you like sheer lipsticks or are you more of a full coverage matte lipstick fan?

You can go over these awesome lip glosses if you want to add some sparkle to your pout!

or here for more intense magic with these glitter lipstick!

Have a great day!

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  • Dave

    Your exploration of the ultimate sheer vegan lipstick addition resonated with me, offering valuable insights into cruelty-free beauty products. As someone who values ethical choices in cosmetics, I appreciated your detailed review and the emphasis on the vegan aspect of the product. Your insights into the sheer formula, long-lasting wear, and the range of shades reflect a comprehensive understanding of what makes a lipstick stand out in the vegan beauty market. The inclusion of personal experiences and considerations for different skin tones adds a thoughtful touch, making your post not just a review but a guide for those seeking ethical and high-quality sheer lipsticks. Thanks for shedding light on this vegan addition and contributing to the growing awareness of cruelty-free options in the beauty industry.

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