Glitter lipstick you need to check out!

If you are looking to add some glimmer into your makeup look then you my friends are at the right spot! Carry on reading if you would like to find the perfect glitter lipstick that is it for you!

Glitter lipsticks help achieve a 3 dimensional, shimmery finish and are ideal for anyone wanting to draw attention to their look or a nice touch for festive season, whatever the reason I think it’s time to check them out!

Right let’s get rolling!

Quick Overview

  • Sugar pill liquid lip colour
  • Dimoo diamond matte to glitter liquid lipstick
  • Gerard cosmetics glitter lipstick
  • Dear dahlia allure shine lustrous lip plumper

Sugar pill liquid lip colour

Sugarpill have a whole host of glitter lipstick shades, ranging from pinks, peachy orange, dark muddy greens, warm grey as well as much more. The liquid lip colour is said to be ultra pigmented and features a ‘super long lasting’ formula so you don’t have to worry about it melting off.

Their formula has a creamy, ‘mousse’ like texture which never feels dry on your lips!Glitter lipstick

What’s cool and unique about their formula is that they first apply as a usual liquid lip product but then the magic happens when you press your lips together, activating the sparkles! Truly sounds like magic! And don’t worry as their lipsticks are vegan formulated.

Dimoo diamond matte to glitter liquid lipstick

The glitter lipstick by dimoo comes in a range of shades with around 18 of the most popular colours including rosey pink, classic red, neutrals, berry and even greens, purples, black and much more!

All you got to do is apply one coat and press your lips together to see them transform before your eyes into a ‘dazzling full coverage glitter’ lip.

And thanks to the colour technology the lipstick won’t feather, bleed or kiss off, making it waterproof and long lasting. The texture is supposed to be lightweight with a non sticky, silky feel to it so you can rock with comfortable glimmery lips all day long.

Oh another thing worth knowing is this lipstick contains 100% naturally derived, certified vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Moisturising ingredients include Brazil palm wax, candle wax as well as the addition of olive extract squalene.

Gerard cosmetics glitter lipstick

The Gerard cosmetics glitter lipstick is cruelty free and contains no animal by products. These lipsticks are available in 6 glittery shades which include ‘Hollywood blvd’, a nude shade, ‘DM me’ which appears as a frosty purple, the classic red known as ‘cupid’ as well as a rosey hue and berry.

Each lipstick is said to feature a smooth textured visible glitter which promises to not feeling chunky, gritty or rough on your pout. Customers state these lipsticks are easy to apply and creamy when blended across.

They are fully opaque with speckles of ‘beautiful’ glitter flecks which are quite versatile since they can rocked on their own or worn over other lipstick finishes. These lipsticks are made in the US and are conscious about the planet by not using no wasteful packaging.

Dear dahlia allure shine lustrous lip plumper

The dear dahlia lustrous lipstick is a sheer, ‘moisture infused’ that ‘bursts with glittering shimmer’ with lip plumping properties! The lipstick features ‘ultra reflective pearls’ whipped in a creamy ‘easy glide’ texture which is how the allure lip plumper gets its ‘multi dimensional’ shine.

This lipstick is infused with some awesome ingredients which you should know about; dahlia flower extract, certified organic sweet almond oil, argon oil, shea butter to name a few, all working to comfort and protect lips!

The allure shine lustrous lip plumper only comes in 3 shades and is suitable for all lips including sensitive!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave just yet then fret not, tap here to check out some more equally amazing lipsticks! 

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