Glossier brow flick – How good is it?

I have tried quite a few products from this brand including their skin tint, lip products and perfume but haven’t tried any of their brow range. So you know what I decided, yep it’s time to give the glossier brow flick a try and see if it is as good as it’s other products in their range.

Right let’s get into it!


Glossier brow flickThe brow flick by glossier is described as a ‘microfine detailing pen’, with their brush tip being designed the most ‘natural looking way’ enabling you to fill as well as define your brows. You can use it to add some strength to your arch, extend the tail, or fill in sparse spots using ‘feather like’ strokes, resembling your real hair.

The brand state their glossier brow flick is buildable, long wearing thanks to the addition of copolymers, which also gives it smudge resistant properties so your work won’t disappear or smear. Just to let you know this product is vegan as well as cruelty free. And it is suitable for contact lenses wearers.


The shade selection isn’t their strongest point in my opinion with only 3 shades. And they are the standard shades brown, blonde and of course black. It would be awesome if they can add more since the current selection doesn’t really cover any ranges.

The shade from the 3 which closest matches my tone is the black, though brown too would be fine however for a dramatic effect black would be the right fit. The black shade does have pigment to it but not a really strong one as I’d thought which is not a problem as I am after a more fainter black. But this can be an issue for those who are need of a deep black to fit with their real hair.

To be honest the brand, glossier do state the brow flick comes in ‘sheer shades’ which probably explains the lack of pigmentation compared to other brow products I’ve tried.


Application I am expecting to be easy and simple judging by what the brand state, which is their brow flick features a ‘superfine and flexible brush fibers’ with a flow through brush tip. This should allow me to create fine lines with precise application and a ‘natural finish’. So how was it?

Well if I’m being honest the tip was surely flexible which I could tell by the softness as I dragged it along my brows but this also means, superfine lines won’t be as precise since the tip can get blunt quickly.

So did I get the ‘hair like’ finish?

That I can say at the moment is going good however I have a feeling, as spoken of, as the brush tip gets old and used it is certainly going to loose that ability, maybe quite sooner. It did overall allow me to create a natural finish but that could be due to my brows being on the thicker side.

You can create thin lines for a natural finish however it probably would be for a couple of uses as said, but who knows I could be wrong.

I used the glossier brow flick to add depth to sparse areas towards the middle as well as give the arch some sharpness and overall I was happy with results.

Pigmentation, I briefly touched on, is sheer as also described by glossier. The black is not as rich so the brown hue would be even subtle, making it perfect for those who have light brown to brown hair.

The pigmentation isn’t a big bother for me as my go to look is typically a soft, subtle effect which in this case the brow flick would be a perfect product. Plus the sheerness gives off a more natural look like glossier mention rather than a deep bold colour.


So moving swiftly onto lastage, I am expecting some great stay power with the brand stating here and there about their long wearing ability. The brow flick promises to not smear, not vanish your hard work and is said to be smudge resistant.

It gets this feature from the addition of a combination of 3 smudge resistant film formers known as copolymers that easily bond to the skin for the ultimate stay power.

Now time for some truth! The brand don’t provide an estimate length of time with how long it’ll last so I guess the only way to truly find out is through testing it!

Right, now the results…

I would like to say glossier does pretty well in the power game. It roughly provided me with 6 hours of wear until I could see it fade away. Thankfully reapplying is quite easy so that wasn’t an issue. Since this was the black shade which is naturally deeper than a brown, it’s got me wondering about how long the lighter hues like blonde or brown will last.

Throughout rocking the glossier brow flick, there were no smudging like the brand stated however the same can’t be said for disappearing as it did fade towards the end. But despite this I am satisfied with the lastage!


So overall I give the glossier brow flick a rating of 7/10! It is easy to use and comfortable, the lastage is good in my opinion. There is also no major issues with smudging or smearing but fading maybe a tinie tiny bit. The brow flick does allow you to ‘fill in sparse areas, extend the tail as well as add some oomph into the arches’ just like they stated but with some lightness to it.

The only downside of currently using it is the limited shade range and for some the light pigmentation. The brush tip seems like it would wear away easily but that I’m not entirely sure so it can get away with that.

Right thats it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave then tap here to check out more awesome brow products in super smooth gel form!

Have a great day!

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