Glossier futuredew – An instant dewy glow?

After hearing about how cool the glossier futuredew is for a dewy glow by my friend who had just used it a few times, I thought why not give it a go considering I was on the search for a remedy for my dry nose area. Plus for me glossier is a trusted brand after trying out a good deal of their products, many of them provided me with positive results.

Right I think we shall get straight into the review now, you think so too?


The future dew is described as an oil serum hybrid by the brand, aiming to provide an ‘instant, dewy glow’ that is supposed to last. It is packed with apparently some of the skincare’s most hydrating ‘heavy hitters, nourishing oils’ as well as powerful plant based extracts which is bound to give you a well moisturised and brighter complexion for up to 12 hours! Now that sounds like something I can certainly do with.

The glossier futuredew is vegan, cruelty free as well as non codemogenic which makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive! So is the futuredew a ‘one step shortcut’ to the way your skin looks after a full skincare routine? Well you would have to read on to find out!

Glossier futuredew


You know when it comes to applying makeup products in particular, the ones which are applied onto the face all over, having beneficial and healthy ingredients is a massive pro, its what makes me come to a decision much easier between picking a few products.

The glossier futuredew is no different, it contains a great deal of awesome ingredients. It features a blend of 4 ‘nourishing oils’; jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose along with rosehips oils.

They are blended in a water in oil emulsion which apparently creates a ‘cushiony, silky formula’, a good mixture for hydrating thirsty skin while also nourishing it.

Other ingredients Wirth knowing about is Evodia rutaecarpa extract, a fruit extract visibly increasing the skins brightness. There is also the addition of sugarcane plant based squalene for locking in moisture. And for the immediate glow that lasts all day, you have light reflecting minerals.


According to some individuals the futuredew helped improve the appearance of texture and gave the skin a more radiant as well as hydrated look! And that is exactly what I am after!
So did I receive that?

Well upon application, I will say it was easy to spread and didn’t feel sticky or too greasy as you would expect oil based products to be, quite smooth to be fair. I decided to wear it on its own since it is my usual no makeup look or sometimes I throw on a tinted moisturiser. But this time decided to go plain to see its true potential.

I like the overall feel, it weren’t heavy and actually does leave a dewy finish without the tacky or too shiny look straight away. I have a combination skin type with oily forehead and the rest dry especially the cheek areas and around the nose.

This serum didn’t like I have mentioned didn’t further cause the production of excess oil and simultaneously quenched the thirst of the dry areas.

It adds a nice soft touch with just the right glow!
Another cool thing about the glossier futuredew is its ability to be mixed with your foundation or other products for added glow and even use it as a highlighter on the higher points of the face like the cheekbones, brow bone etc.

Well it performs well now how about the lastage?

12 Hours?

Glossier do state their futuredew helps provide your skin with a well moisturised, brighter look which lasts for upto 12 hours! Using it on its own provided me with roughly 9 hours of dewiness until I had decided that was enough for the day. Most of my skin was still soft and hydrated appearing how the forehead had started to appear a little too shiny but nothing which can’t be fixed. A simple solution which was to blot did the trick!

I can certainly feel the difference whilst using it, my skin felt a lot softer and the dry patches didn’t appear after a couple of hours even through humid conditions which proves the futuredew works well for me. The addition of nourishing oils can certainly be noticed. I think I shall check it next time with my favourite tinted moisturiser and see how it puts up!


So overall as you can see it was a positive experience with minimal issues, which gives the glossier futuredew a rating of 9/10! I really like how it is lightweight as opposed to the usual heavy and tight feeling often experienced with oil based products. There was no sticky or greasiness at all. The only slight issue being the excess oil production based around the forehead which can be easily dealt with so no worries.

So if you love a soft and dewy appearance along with a more radiant appearance then I highly suggest you check out the glossier futuredew out. Plus you can mix it with your favourite foundation or tinted moisturiser without it being effected or as a highlighter. I think it is going to be my next favourite daily go to product especially if I am in a hurry since it is so easy to apply.

Thats all for now peeps!1

But if you don’t want to leave just yet then I suggest you head here for vegan moisturisers that help keep your skin well hydrated!

Have a great day!

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