Huda beauty lipstick – power bullet hydrating lipstick!

The huda beauty lipstick or more specifically the huda beauty power bullet cream glow hydrating lipstick, wow thats a long name, came in my grasp randomly in a way. I was searching for something else when a add popped up of a cool looking lipstick, and of course I wasn’t going to turn it away especially since it stated it is a hydrating one, my type of product! So I tapped and landed on a simple but nice page and added to my basket for it to arrive a while later!

Anyways after giving it a go here is the findings!

It certainly has a long name but does its stay power or performance say the same? Well you’d how to read on to find out!

Let’s go!


Huda beauty lipstickThe Huda beauty power bullet cream glow hydrating lipstick is described as a product with ‘juicy shine, ultra comfortable, all inclusive shades’. The hydrating lipstick allows you to create an everyday elevated makeup look with the benefit of super nourishing and ultra hydrating properties. Application is effortless, said to glide along onto your lips without any issues and gives you the opportunity to create medium buildable coverage.

The huda beauty lipstick features a buttery texture and is infused with skin loving ingredients like sea fennel which is a plant rich minerals, plus vitamin A, C as well as E, containing antioxidants and smoothing along with conditioning properties. The addition of hydraberry further enhances hydration and moisturization. Whilst a peptide complex stimulates the production of collagen for instant plump.


The huda beauty lipstick is available in 14 shades featuring rich tones along with neutrals. There are berry, brown, pinks and a small number of in between tints. I think the colours can be worn for everyday, casual looks or switched to night and evening occasions.

The lightest in the power bullet range is ‘sweet nude buttercup’, otherwise seen as light soft pink. On the other side of the spectrum you have ‘bossy brown self made’, quite the name, which is best described as a rich deep brown. There are also cool in between shades like the ‘sweet nude habibi’, a rich pink with a hint of purple or ‘sweet nude honey bun’ a medium pink featuring a hint of peach.

I was stuck on what shade to get, it was a battle between the ‘sweet nude angel’ otherwise known as light pink nude or something a little different to my usual collection, ‘bossy brown hustla’ which is a medium brown featuring hints of pink.

So which one did I settle on? *Drum roll*

The winner was the light pink nude known as ‘sweet nude angel’! It is a great shade to wear with a no makeup look or build it up for a more obvious neutral effect.


To apply the brand state to use the bullet lipsticks pointed tip for contouring and lining the edges of your lips. And as for filling in the blunt or flat base is ideal, starting in the centre and making your way smoothly towards the corners of your mouth. And then the best part, building up to your desired intensity, would you go light or more dramatic?!

Anyways so that is how I apply regardless so followed the same rules. I ensured I prepped well beforehand despite this being a hydrating formula since my thirsty lips are quite unpredictable. So after some lip scrub and moisturising I got applying.

So the application process was pleasant, the power bullet cream lipstick did glide along effortlessly as mentioned. I could also feel the creamy to buttery texture as I slide it across. It wasn’t too thick or thin, somewhere in between I would say, like the usual lipstick consistency. Was there any hydrating feel to it? I would say so. You can certainly distinguish the difference from a matte lipstick which is quite drying. Whereas this one has a smooth texture and is lightweight, hence shouldn’t be dehydrating.


The colour stays visible for some time but for the same richness to remain you have to retouch. How many hours I think would vary, for example I have dry lips so many products prompt me to reapply at around the 4th hour.

As for hydration or moisturising properties, I would say it did well for the first couple of hours however after around the 3rd hour my lips went dry. It would be awesome if it stayed moisturising as it is when you first apply it.


I give the huda beauty lipstick an overall rating of 8/10! The shade range is quite varied containing shades for both evening and day looks, light, medium and rich though it can do with a couple more. The application process is quick and effortless as is its ability to provide a buildable coverage. The consistency is decent however it would be great if it can be hydrating for longer. The addition of skin loving ingredients is a great healthy decision. The huda beauty lipstick in my opinion has a nice design, gradient which the colour depends on what lipstick shade you have!

So if you are looking for a lipstick in a hydrating formula, offering a finish with some shine to it that allows you to build up coverage easily and is easy to apply then you should definitely check out the huda beauty power bullet cream lipstick.

Right that is it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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