Eyeko brow gel – Honest Review

The eyeko brow gel is tinted formulated so basically it’s colourless, mainly ideal for setting hair in place or if you are wanting to add extra definition then it’s a quick travel friendly option.

I’ve used the eyeko mascara before however hadn’t tried anything from their brow range so I guess it’s about time I tested it right?!

Let’s get started, here are my favourite aspects of the brow gel as well as anything I weren’t too keen on!

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Eyeko brow gel

The eyeko brow gel is a tinted shade with a ‘botanically enriched’ formula that’s apparently the brands best-selling!

This gel is supposed to provide a natural finish whilst also providing a hold that’s flexible just like natural brows!

It’s addition of ginkgo biloba, keratin, proteins as well as fruit extracts, not only improve your eyebrow appearance but also adds a feeling of nourishment and condition for healthy looking brows.


Application should be easy as the eyekos brow gel comes with a nano brush which is basically a small brush, allowing for precision applications.

So how is it? Well I did find it easy to apply in regard to the applicator, it being created small definitely helped coat my thin brows and get the edges on point.

The applicator is gentle, the bristles aren’t too prickly and neaten the hair up nicely.


The lastage is pretty good, it keeps my hair set for around 5 hours which I think is acceptable and since re coating is pretty simple and straightforward, I think it’s a job well done!

As for how long the product lasts in terms of how much is packed, I’m yet to test it. I am suspecting it to last at least a few months, that’s if I don’t use it daily.


As for the formula, it is okay, not too thick that it creates clumps when being applied and of course not runny either, basically it’s just the right gel consistency.

Does it leave my hair soft? Well not as good as I was expecting it but it’s decent enough.

I mean it does make the hair look pretty tame and adds some sort of boldness to them. When you stroke it, there is a little softness to it however as the time goes on, that feeling is gradually lost but nothing too stiff.

I usually use natural oils to add shine when needed however it does sometimes get over the top which ends up with me looking like a disco ball but with this gel I get to tame my brows without looking extra greasy so a win win!


Overall I rate this eyebrow gel an 8/10! It gives my brows definition whilst keeping them all neat, and as for the conditioning effects, I guess I’ll have to use it a few times more to know, though it does provide some softness. I like how it doesn’t stiffen the hair providing flexibility instead!

Do you prefer tinted brow products or ones with rich pigments? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day!

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