elf everyday smoky eyeshadow palette

E.l.f has many palettes but I decided to pick the elf everyday smoky eyeshadow palette, mainly because it looks like it has a good number of colours which I can use for a daily soft look and at the same time switch easily to a dramatic evening look with its deep shades on the other end.

So after testing this palette I decided to record my favourite aspects about this product and any cons I found too!

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Quick overview:


  • Simple, sturdy and travel design
  • Good amount of shades
  • Easily blendable
  • Affordable
  • Lastage is good


  • Some fallout
  • Different/inconsistent pigmentation for some shades

Right let’s begin!

PackagingElf everyday smoky eyeshadow palette


First up the packaging!

The packaging is a plastic rectangle shaped case, which kinda reminds me of those pencil cases, if you know what I mean.

The colouring is kept similar to other products in the brands line. It’s all black with the words ‘e.l.f’ inscribed in white along with ‘everyday smokey’.

When opened you are met with your shades at the bottom and a handy clear view mirror at the top.

What I find a little annoying is the shade of the plastic, as it’s in black, dirt and fingerprints can be seen quite easily so you can’t go without wiping it down a few times when in use.

Overall though it’s super travel friendly, I like the slim shape and how light it is too!


Okay I might sound like a mess explaining the shades as they aren’t labelled here, so good luck understanding!

With that in mind, let’s begin!

There are 10 different colours packed in the everyday smokey eyeshadow palette.

It starts with the lightest which is a white pearl like shade, I think it’s perfect for using as a highlight on the brow bone or inner eye corners. It also does great on the eyelids to help lift other colours.

The shades then gradually build, getting deeper as you near towards the end. The deepest is a highly pigmented matte black shade.

I like to use it on the outer corners of the eye when going for a smokey effect as well as an eyeliner for the top lid.

The shades in between them consist of different variations of browns as well as an ashy-grey and pink or rose gold shade.

I’d say around 4 shades have a shimmer to them. There is shimmer in the metal grey colour, two cooper bronze like hues and a golden champagne shade.


Application isn’t an issue apart from a little fallout after patting the shades into place. When I’m applying I tend to notice the colours do crumble a little and look powdery even though they feel soft to the touch.

It’s more noticeable when I look down at the palette and see the mess I’ve unintentionally created. I mean it’s not that big of a problem but if you are a tinie bit picky like me then I suppose it kinda bugs you a little.

But if I look at how affordable it is then it’s easily ignorable.

I use a small dense eyeshadow brush to grab some colour on and then blend with a fluffy brush.

I do recommend using a damp brush to pack the product on as that way it’s much easier and quicker to get some colour to your lid.

Blending is smooth and quick and doesn’t leave patches neither does it feel heavy.

I can also easily build on top of the previous shades applied too! Which I think is great especially when you are switching from a natural look to a more dramatic effect.


The pigmentation in my opinion is okay. I did notice that some shades had different pigmentation strengths though.

The lighter shades needed more packing whereas the deeper shades on the right side have a nice colouration.

The few shimmering hues are great too!

However for the first few shades such as the third one, by the way the colours don’t have any names so explaining may be a little tricky like said before, it requires a few extra swipes for it to be visible enough to see.

So to sum it up I’d say the pigmentation isn’t perfect but if you look at the price then it’s definitely worth it.


By using an eyeshadow primer and a quick spritz of setting spray, the majority of the shades did get through at least 6 hours, which I’ll gladly take as I do have oily lids and getting a product to stay clinged on for that amount of time can be a little difficult.

I’m not too sure how it would do without prepping the skin or on other skin types but I’m guessing maybe similar results.

Overall I think this eyeshadow is great value for its price, it’s super affordable and you can actually achieve an everyday look whether it’s for the day or evening. The smokey look is easy to get too!

But if some fallout and a few light pigmentation does bother you then I wouldn’t suggest this but other than that it’s cool.

If you’d like to view the elf everyday palette tap here!

You can also check out other elf products by navigating through the main menu.

Otherwise click here to check out the elf poreless face primer!

Have you tried elf products, what do you think about them? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day! ?

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  • Fatoumata

    Thanks for the review. I have an eyeshadow palette, I think even two but can’t remember the name of the brands. Haven’t used it in a while. I might need to buy a new one.

    The E I F looks promising and it has all the colours I like. I am not that fond of bright colours or too shiny ones. Dark ones are better.

    Have you done more reviews on these? 

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks for stopping by! 

      I have done a few reviews on eyeshadow palettes. There is a bright palette review which I can see your not a fan of, as for palettes with dark shades you can view them by going on reviews and then clicking on eyeshadows, where various shades should be available.

  • Calvin

    Hey and thanks for the review I have never heard of ELF but i like the layout of their palette. My wife has make up for days that she barley uses. I will check out the price and hopefully she likes it. Her birthday is coming up in a few days and this review was right on time because I was wondering what to get her.

    • Sariyah

      Your welcome cavlin! Elf is a great affordable brand you should check out their other products maybe you’ll find an extra gift!

      Oh that’s nice hopefully she’ll like it!

  • Michelle

    Hi and thanks for the review. I love the look of this palette as it has all the colours I would normally use. I have 2 smaller palettes with a similar range of colours at the moment. This would allow me to have all the colours I love together.

    I have very oily lids too so this review will really help me in choosing my next palette. At least I know roughly how long it would last on me.

  • Bojana

    I’m not some makeup expert but I like to have quality makeup. I don’t wear make-up every day, when I go to work I use mostly powder, mascara, blush and lipstick. At celebrations I am made up by a professional make-up artist but also not much. I have a friend who does make-up, so maybe your site will help her.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Bojana thanks for the comment!

      I totally get you as I also stick to wearing makeup when there’s a celebration, I do wear it when I’m going out but try keeping it on the lower end!

      Thanks again!

  • LineCowley

    This is a great palette of smokey eyeshadow colours, conveniently packed in one slim case. I do like the fact that it has a built-in mirror. It makes it so much easier when you are travelling and you want to check and touch up your make-up. 

    A great tip to use a dampened brush to apply the powdery eyeshadow to get a smooth look. It is as you say, because it is super affordable, one can overlook some issues like fall-out and lastage. Thank you for sharing this review. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey line thanks for the comment!

      Makeup palettes with mirrors are so handy, they sure make life a little easier! It is a great price so why let a thing or two stop you from getting it, so for that reason I thought I might as well see how to work around the feature which isn’t the palettes strongest.

      Your welcome!

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