Face mask for sensitive skin!

Face masks are great for helping sooth skin which may be inflamed, irritated or just generally missing some moisture. They are typically made from paper, fiber, cotton or other materials. Face masks are hydrating from being enriched with ingredients like jojoba and vitamins. So if you are looking for something gentle then I suggest you check out this face mask for sensitive skin!Face mask for sensitive skin

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Quick Overview 

  • Simple kind to skin hydrating coconut water sheet mask
  • Face theory green tea face mask MK2
  • Say yes to cucumbers calming paper mask
  • Becalm face mask for sensitive skin
  • Mediterranean almond milk with oats instant soothing mask

Simple kind to skin hydrating coconut water sheet mask

Face mask for sensitive skinThe simple kind to skin hydrating sheet mask as you can tell by the name offers a ‘combination of hydration and glowing benefits’ apparently for 30 days in 1 use.

It contains skin loving ingredients which are gentle and kind to skin which include an infusion of coconut water, a blend of 8% probiotic and probiotic ferment along with vitamin B5, suitable for all skin types! Now that sounds awesome!

Each face mask is created from ‘soft, biodegradable fibres’ which carefully hug your face for an effective nourishment and hydration for your skin! There are no harmful substances in these masks, no artificial perfumes! Nor colours, alcohol, minerals oils or harsh chemicals which would otherwise cause skin irritation. These masks are made so you can enjoy a healthy looking and balanced skin!

Face theory green tea face mask MK2

The face theory green tea face mask features a ‘ultra ventilated’ with a superfine, non nano French clay along with chamomile as well as green tea which all work together to gently cleanse and balance skin without drying it!

The organic organ and jojoba oil hydrate the skin whilst the clay helps draw out impurities. The stabilized vitamin C gently brightens with lactic acid expedites cell turnover.Face mask for sensitive skin

I think you would love to know it is free from Parabens, silicons, SLS, mineral oils, plus it is vegan and cruelty free. The green tea face mask is made for combination skin as well as sensitive skin!

Say yes to cucumbers calming paper mask – single use

The say yes to cucumbers calming paper mask is vegan, cruelty free, dermatologist tested and formulated without parabens, SLS as well as silicones. This makes it suitable for sensitive skin with calming and soothing benefits, leaving a hydrated and refreshed feeling.

These particular ones sold are single use and made with 98% natural ingredients. To use, it’s simple, peel the mask and apply to a clean skin, setting it around the eyes, nose as well as mouth. Then relax for 10 minutes before removing and disposing.

Becalm face mask for sensitive skin

The becalm face mask by temple spa is a ‘Prebiotic skin rescue’ described almost ‘like a comfort blanket’ for skin that is sensitive, stressed or delicate. This mask features a creamy texture which according to the brand does exactly what it says which in their words is ‘tells stressed skin to BECALM and happy’!Face mask for sensitive skin

The addition of calmaderm complex along with Mediterranean botanicals of basil, liquorice, apricot! Plus the advanced science of a ‘powerful’ prebiotic all work to deliver skin ‘nourishment, comfort and hydration’.

Liquorice helps calms redness whilst prebiotics supports microbiome for a strong, healthy skin. All suitable for sensitive skin too! This mask is suitable for vegans and pregnancy.

Mediterranean almond milk with oats instant soothing mask

Face mask for sensitive skinThe Mediterranean almond milk with oats mask is designed by body shop to ensure your skin is gently exfoliated for results that leaves a softer, smoother skin with moisture. It does this all whilst helping relieve dry and sensitive skin from feeling tight and itchy.

The mask is described as a creamy, comforting product, almost porridge like with a blend of oatmeal from the UK! Whilst the organic almond milk is from spain. It is interesting to know that the ingredients are inspired by ancient roman!

According to the brand 100% out of 100 women on trial agreed that the product is gentle on the skin whilst 96% said their skin felt soothed.

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But if you don’t want to leave just yet then I suggest you tap here to check out some awesome sensitive skin eyeliners!

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