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Phb ethical beauty eyeliner – organic eyeliner

The Phb ethical beauty eyeliner is an award winner for the best natural eyeliner but that isn’t why I decided to claim one for myself. After reading about their background and how they came to be, I became intrigued about their journey as well as their belief in how many of the cosmetics around today contain junk and it’s effect on our skins or bodies.

Because of this I was also curious to say the least as to how this would translate into their beauty products.

I highly suggest you check out their story as well as any other information you’d like to know from their website.

Now time for the review! Continue reading to find out how their natural pencil performs!

Quick overview:


  • Clean and natural ingredients
  • Great for sensitive eyes
  • Good pigmentation
  • Application is easy as well
  • Lastage is decent


  • Shade range is really limited
  • A little weak

Phb ethical beauty eyeliner
I’ll start with the ingredients.


‘enriched with a gentle nourishing formula of plant oils and waxes’

One of the reasons why I decided to grab myself an eye product by PHB ethical beauty is because of their amazing approach to keeping their formulas all naturally derived and organic.

They believe whatever goes on the skin also goes into the skin, which I truly believe. I have sensitive eyes especially when it comes to new products and this brand definitely fits right into my skins needs.

This particular eyeliner is of course made from a natural and organic formula but not just that, it’s free from junk such as parabens, fillers, talc, formaldehyde, SLS and much more.

This is one of the few eyeliners that I have, which I feel completely safe knowing I’m not going to get watery or red eyes. If you wear contact lenses this is also suitable to use on the eyes.

Ingredients = 9/10!


This pencil comes in two different shades, a brown and a black. I decided to go for the brown shade as I have plenty of black pencils, although I do prefer the deeper shades more.

The brown hue has great pigmentation to it. The colour comes out quite deep and rich than expected. It’s almost as deep as the black shade. I also use this colour on my brows and it comes out great.

Pigmentation = 8/10!


‘Smooth, gentle and easy to apply’

Have you ever used those eyeliners which claim to be soft and smooth but when you actually use it, it scratches the crap out of your delicate eyes!

I’ve tried enough to not believe such statements! So with this eyeliner I went with a neutral mind just hoping this colour turned out to be gentle.

So was it? Errrm, it wasn’t bad, though I did feel it on my waterline, I mean obviously you would. It wasn’t harsh as other brands I’ve tried, it did glide away smoothly without tugging at my skin.

To put simply, instead of me rambling, I’d say it was easy to apply.

Application = 8/10!


Phb mention this eyeliner is a ‘rich, long-lasting colour’ and I can tell you it does put up quite well.Phb ethical beauty eyeliner

I mainly use eyeliner on my bottom waterline which I feel like, usually liners struggle to stay long enough due to the water build up however surprisingly this product managed to stay put through majority of the day.

I only had to fix it once and that was due to my eyes watering other than that the lastage was great, their weren’t no smudging or major dragging.

I think the water resistant feature of this liner definitely gave it that upper hand, otherwise it may have not stood it’s ground.

This pencil doesn’t come with a sharpener which I’m a little bothered about. When I do try sharpening it, it sometimes cracks however I did find leaving it in the freezer a little longer to solve the problem though.

Lastage = 8/10!


I would rate this pencil an 8/10! It’s a beautiful smooth formula with safe ingredients as well as good pigmentation and lastage.

So what’s not to love about it? Apart from the sharpening issue, it’s an amazing product especially for sensitive eyes!

I think if there were more colours in this range I would definitely go for full marks!

That’s it for now, if you’d like to check out more awesome vegan eyeliners then tap here!

Or if you have sensitive eyes like me then check out these gentle liners!Phb ethical beauty eyeliner

Have any of you peeps tried any of PHB ethical beauties products? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day!

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  • Alisa

    I never knew how to put on eyeliner, but I will try this one since you are telling me that the application is easy and that it is good for sensitive eyes. It is absolutely true that everything goes through the skin, so we need to be a bit careful when we’re choosing the makeup we’ll put on our face.

  • LineCowley

    I have not heard about Phb beauty products before, but I have to agree with them, that there are so many chemicals and harmful ingredients in beauty products. With sensitif eyes and skin, I have always looked for natural ingredients, and increasingly have been searching for organic beauty products, as that is the best way to avoid exposing my skin and body to harmful chemicals in beauty products. 

    Although I don’t often wear eyeliner, I will have a closer look at the product range from Phb to see which ones I need.  

  • Parameter

    You caught my interest in PHB’s ethical beauty with its natural and organic composition. I agree with their belief. Many of the cosmetics are either poorly formulated or contains harsh and unfriendly ingredient. It accounts for lots of skin cancer and other related issues. We will give the pencil a trial and be back to testify.

    • Sariyah

      Hey parameter thank you for stopping by!
      Harsh ingredients indeed can cause irritation as well as other issues in the long term if excessive amounts are used however many are tested to be safe with the quantity used daily!

      Thanks again and have a great day!

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