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Milani eye tech liquid eyeliner – liquid eyeliner review

I haven’t really given much attention to any of Milani’s products apart from their eyeshadow palette and now the milani eye tech liquid eyeliner.

Milani is a 100% cruelty-free brand however not all their products are vegan as a few contain animal derived ingredients, so if you are after strictly vegan, then look out for the logo!

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Quick overview:


  • Quick drying
  • Long lasting
  • No smudging
  • Waterproof


  • Tip isn’t as flexible or soft as other liners I’ve tried.

Let’s get to the review now! Starting with the description:


Milani liquid eyeliner

Milani claim this eye tech liquid eyeliner will help you get a ‘long-lasting shiny’ finish with their ‘smudge proof’ formula. They promise their ‘skinny tip’ can be used to create the defined looks you have been after.

As with many liquid liners, the milani eye tech eyeliner also has a quick drying time.

But of course these are merely words, read on to find out if any of these claims prove to be true!


The packaging is identical to any other liquid eyeliner that comes in a pen format. It is thin and light therefore travel friendly.

The pen is secured by a cap which you pull to access the product. It is fairly easy to open but is tight enough so it doesn’t end up coming loose inside a bag or wherever you store it.

The design is in an all black smooth finish with a little shine and the brand’s logo and product name engraved in gold. There is a change of texture for better grip towards the top part of the eyeliner.


Obviously one of the main features which an eyeliner should do well in is the lastage. Milani state this eyeliner is long-lasting and has a smudge proof formula.

So was I met with this expectation? Yes to some extent! It got through roughly 8 to 9 hours which isn’t too bad if I put the price into perspective.

I didn’t experience any major smudging, so it ticks that box. There also weren’t no dramatic fading though it did towards the end loose a little colour, I mean I have quite oily lids so that could explain why.

As for how waterproof it is, I know it wasn’t removable with water only so I had to resort to a makeup remover, were it did come off easily. In other words it also ticks the waterproof box.Milani eye tech liquid eyeliner


I prefer eyeliners in liquid pen form due to the ease of application and the softness they typically possess.

This particular product does have a nice pointy tip which definitely helps to get that precise crisp line needed for the cat eye or any other defining look.

About how it feels when it’s used across the eye, I would say it isn’t as soft as other liners I’ve used such as the kat von d eyeliner but not that harsh where I’d have to drag my skin as I’m applying.

The pigment does flow out easily and deposits enough product with one swipe. However, I did tend to go over twice just to get that rich crisp line.

It feels quite comfortable in my hands and the different texture towards the tip helps to make handling a little less

Milani eye tech liquid eyeliner
Swatch of the milani eye tech eyeliner


So the only thing which I wasn’t a big fan of was the bendability of the tip. And now I have started to notice the tip dries really quick if you make the mistake of not closing it properly.

Unfortunately my pen has dried a good deal from the tip leaving the base, the only part which holds pigmentation which hinders the ability to create precise lines! 🙁

I think I’m used to really flexible and soft tips such as the too faced eyeliner so that’s probably the reason why this pen felt a little hard, but other than that it’s a thumbs up!

I would rate this pen an 8/10! It has good stay power and pigment apart from the issue towards the end. It’s easy to use and hold too!Milani eye tech liquid eyeliner

Tap here if you’d like to grab your own milani liquid eyeliner.

That’s all for now, If you have any suggestions or questions then feel free to drop them down below in the comment section!

If you don’t want to leave yet, then you can check out some more awesome vegan liquid eyeliners here!

Have a great day!?

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  • KyleStearns

    Hey Sariyah,

    Thanks for your review, I noticed that my girlfriends eyeliner was running low the other day so I decided to find some more to replace it. She really appreciates little gestures like that but the only problem is that I know literally nothing about makeup. I thought this pen looked pretty neat so I just ordered one online. Thanks for the tip!

  • Bojana

    Hi, thanks for this wonderful text. I always like to read something new when it comes to makeup. I didn’t put on a lot of make-up before, but today I like to have everything from powder to various brushes and for it to be of good quality, not everything has to be vegan.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Bojana thanks for stopping by!
      Glad you enjoyed reading it, not everyone is a fan of makeup and that’s totally fine whereas so absolutely love it, that’s fine too! Whether you decide to purchase a product that’s vegan or not is your own preference too!

  • Katt

    Oh I am always on a look out for awesome liquid eyeliner. I never actually quite thought about any vegan eyeliner. I have pass by Milani was not too sure they have to offer but your review definitely something I will get since my favourite current eyeliner is from catrice. I live in tropical country where humidity will definitely cause a lot of sweat in the eyelid. My best way to sustain liquid eyeliner from smudging is putting on eyeshadow primer. Milani eyeliner + Eyeshadow primer = game changer. I am going to bookmark this page for make up reference again.

  • LineCowley

    I have always looked out for skin and beauty products that have not been tested on animals, but I have not really considered vegan makeup before. So it is great to come across this review on Milani eye liner.

    As I live in Italy, where we experience extremely hot weather during the summer,I am always looking out for mascara and eyeliner that is really waterproof. Even mascara that claims to be waterproof, has smudged onto my eyelids and below my eyes during the hot days. 

    So I do hope that Milani eye liner, that is waterproof, will also withstand the heat of Italian summers. Thank you for sharing your experience with Milani eyeliner.

  • angelce903

    Thanks for this review of Milani eye tech liquid eyeliner! For those who wear eyeliner on a daily basis, you want a product that does not smudge, is easy to apply, and can resist long hours. And this eyeliner does answer all these expectations! and I’m also amazed at how easy you can apply it! However, I didn’t understand why you said that the pen wasn’t flexible. Could you elaborate on that? Thanks!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Angelce thanks for the comment!

      What I mean by the pens ability to be flexible is how it feels against the lid or skin, how soft it it and of its hugs the lid as it follows along instead of being the opposite which would make it stiff and hard. 

      Thanks again and have a great day!

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