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Long lasting eyebrow pencil you need to check out!

Brow pencils are cool! They’re travel friendly and often long-lasting. But the main reason why I love them is because they allow you to create natural looking brows easily, pencils let you be in control more and thanks to their fine tips you have the benefit of extreme precision. So here are some of the best long lasting eyebrow pencil you need to check out!

These are vegan and some cruelty-free too!

Quick overview

  • Barry m brow wow
  • Refy brow pencil
  • Anastasia Beverly hills brow Wiz
  • Inika certified organic brow pencil
  • Byredo all in one refillable brow pencil
  • Fenty beauty brow MVP ultra fine brow pencil and styler
  • Revitalash hi Def brow pencil

Barry m brow wow

The Barry m brow wow pencil comes in two shades, a light/medium and a medium/dark. These pencils were created to allow your to ‘fill gaps and define shape’, with the promise of ‘perfect brows’ in a matter of a few strokes.Long lasting eyebrow pencil

This pencil is dual ended, with one end a pencil and the other a brush so you can draw and brush your hair into place! It’s vegan, cruelty-free and affordable! What more do you need!

For a more in depth review of the Barry m brow wow tap here!

Refy brow pencil

Available in 3 shades, light, medium and dark, refys brow pencil is high pigmented and features a ‘ultra fine tip’ which makes creating hair strokes easier and natural looking. Its dual ended too, with a brush to help blend the product.

This pencil allows you to create several shades by building up with each colour, quite unique! It’s also said to be long-lasting and smudge proof!

Refy recommend using their pencil with their pomade to create the ultimate perfect brow!

Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz

Coming in a wide 12 shaded range, the brow wiz covers blonde, red, brown and black hairs! This ultra slim pencil is ideal for ‘outlining and detailing’ your brows with ‘professional quality precision’.

The ultra fine tip allows you to closely mimic hair strokes in sparse areas whilst the spoolie lets you blend for the naturalist looking finish.

The brow wiz is said to deliver a high colour payoff so even the smallest stroke adds great detail!

Inika certified organic brow pencil

The organic brow pencil as suggested by the name is made from 100% natural ingredients! This pencil allows you to achieve ‘perfectly defined arches’, fill in sparse areas, add definition or lift the natural shape of your brows!Long lasting eyebrow pencil

It features a ‘soft and creamy’ formula which glides effortlessly, along with plant based ingredients to help ‘nourish and soften’ your precious brows!

Byredo all in one refillable brow pencil

This brow pencil is a little unique, it comes in a packaging which is refillable. Once you’re finished with the tip you can then replace it with another one, available on the brands site! Less wastage, which is what we need! Right?!

The byredo pencil is shaped like a tear drop, the pointy tip used for shaping whilst the flat edge for filling, oh and lets not forget the brush too for the ultimate styling.

I think you’d like to know this pencil is 93% natural, long-lasting and waterproof! It’s available in 5 shades.

Fenty beauty Brow MVP ultra fine brow pencil and styler

‘Meet the only MVP you can trust with your brow game’.

The Fenty beauty MVP is a ultra fine retractable brow pencil made for creating natural hair like precision! It’s available in 14 cruelty free and vegan shades, and are said to be not only longwearing and smudgeproof but waterproof as well, so you don’t have to worry about your hard work melting off!

This double ended brow pencil features a retractable tip on one end and a unique paddle styling brush on the other. The pencil is a creamy consistency instead of a powdery form you’d usually see with pencils, which means blending should be delight!

Revitalash hi Def brow pencil

The revitalash hi def brow pencil is an ideal product for filling in sparse areas or over tweezed eyebrows, helping to transform ‘shapeless brows in just a few strokes’! It also helps knowing it’s water resistant and long wearing too!

The formula is said to be rich and buildable, closely mimicking real brow hair without much effort. This pencil allows you to create simple natural looks or layer for those who love a bold brow.

Here are a few other points worth knowing according to the brand; hypoallergenic, non irritating, oil free, no fragrance, non clumping, vegan friendly as well as cruelty free!

What products do you prefer to use on your brows? Or do you leave them be? Let me know in the comment section below!

If you are a fan of eyebrow gels then you can check them out here!

Have a great day!

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