Bare minerals tinted moisturizer – honest review!

The bare minerals tinted moisturizer judging by its description, seems like a great foundation for anyone who loves light coverage but also want the benefits of a skin care product! It’s said to be 98% naturally derived! That definitely sounded appealing to me!

If you’d like to know how it actually performs then continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I wasn’t a fan of!

Quick overview


  • Large shade range
  • Good formula consistency
  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight
  • Blendable


  • Lastage could be improved
  • A little sticky when layering
  • May require extra moisturising depending on skin type

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Bare minerals tinted moisturizer

Bare minerals state their complexion rescue tinted moisturizer is a ‘ultimate 3 in 1 multi tasking’ product, a skincare, makeup and SPF. I haven’t heard of that before!

This tinted moisturizer ‘combines hydrating skincare benefits with radiant, natural looking coverage’, plus the SPF 30, it really is a multitasker!

It provides a buildable coverage capable of going from light to medium coverage which shouldn’t feel heavy or tight.

It apparently has been proven to boost skins hydration by 215% in just a week! As you can tell this moisturizer does sound like a great thirst quenching product for those skins which are often dry. So how good is it? Read on to find out!


The tinted moisturizer comes in 20 shades which I’m actually quite surprised.

I wouldn’t expect a tinted moisturizer to be this varied as usually a couple basic shades are said to be enough to cover a range of skin shades and tones, which they never do actually.

I sometimes struggle to find the perfect match at the first few tries!

Anyways back to the product, this moisturizer covers a range of complexions from fair with neutral undertones to deep tones with warm undertones.

The closest matching shade for me I thought would be ‘suede’ which is for medium with cool undertones however I actually went ahead and got ‘buttercream’, made for light skin tones with neutral undertones.

This shade was recommended by the brands website for my tone. I found it did fit well with my skin.

Shade range = 9/10!


Bare minerals tinted moisturizer
Bare minerals tinted moisturizer

The formula is gel like mixed with some creaminess. It has a good consistency, not too runny or too thick. Which makes apply it a breeze.

Bare minerals suggests applying this moisturizer using a face brush, I went against this, deciding to apply and gently blend with my very own fingers! I used this method when going for a light coverage. And it did pretty well!

However if I was to aim for a medium coverage then a brush probably would be the best option!

So how was application? Overall it was really easy to apply and blend. I added a few dots of the formula on my face and then dabbed it into my skin. I liked that it wasn’t heavy at all so they weren’t lying when bare minerals said it’s ‘lightweight’! 

However I did notice the foundation made my face a little stiff when I layered to add more coverage. This could be because I’m not used to a more fuller coverage since I didn’t have this issue when applying a single layer, other than that it was good!

Oh forgot to mention, I did moisturise before applying the bare minerals tinted moisturiser despite it being just that, a moisturiser! I would definitely recommend it especially if you have a dry skin type. I did of course give it a go without prepping before hand however I wasn’t really happy with the results!

Application = 8/10!


As you may know tinted moisturizers or any light coverage formulas aren’t really as long-lasting as their counterparts, like full coverage foundations.

They probably stay around for up to 3-4 hrs if they’re of good quality, before needing touch ups.

So how long did this tinted moisturizer last till it needed reapplying?

Well for me, who has a combination skin, this foundation did pretty well! It stayed put for around 3 hours before I spotted some uneven colouring and had to whip it out again!

Lastage = 7/10!

So overall I give this tinted moisturiser an 8/10! I like the shade range along with the light feeling on the skin and consistency, the blend ability is good to as is the coverage however the lastage could be improved.

I’m also not sure if it is a good product for individuals looking for a medium coverage but if light is all you need then go ahead check it out!

If you’d like to check the tinted moisturizer out then tap here!

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So do you prefer full coverage or light? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day!

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  • Rachelle

    So, I went natural at least 20+ years ago.  I did use bare minerals at one time and still have the metal box it came in.  The topic was executed very well.  It made me all most buy it if I use makeup, and I may do so once I get settled in my new retirement.  When I used it, I liked it; it was easy to use and was a good product for me at the time.  I stopped using makeup in general because I worked in backroom offices and was the only one there, no one to impress.

  • Sami

    The information about the bare minerals tinted moisturizer was timely for me as I am considering adding a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen to my daily routine. I want light coverage, and you said this was a light one.  

     I have used the  Bare Minerals powder foundation several years ago, but with the Covid shutdown changing lifestyles, have not been shopping so much, and have moved on to other products that are available locally.  I do live in a small town!

    Thanks for your input, I too prefer using my fingers to apply as I think that the brush or sponge soaks up too much of the product.  I only use a sponge to help blend and love the brush for powders of any kind.

    I will be thinking about this product, as it gets closer to buying time.

    Thanks for the information,


    • Sariyah

      Hey Sami thanks for stopping by!

      Brushes are great for powders right!? You could also use a damp sponge, I find that it does well too.

      Lockdown and Covid surely changed our lives, phew hopefully no more lockdowns!

      Have a great day!

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