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Pacifica ultra cc cream – true review

I’ve tried a bunch of pacifica’s makeup products and mainly had a great experience so I picked the pacifica ultra cc cream without thinking and besides I needed a light to medium coverage cream that’s vegan and cruelty-free so where else would I look.

So here you go peeps, this is how my experience with pacificas ultra radiant foundation went!

But before we start, below is what the brand state about their product:

“This intelligent CC Cream is a medium coverage tinted foundation with 100% physical SPF protection and skincare benefits. It illuminates and perfects with specially adapted color-correcting reflective minerals that adjust to your own skin shade”.

Quick overview:


  • Easy application
  • Quick blending
  • Lastage is good
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Great ingredients
  • Lightweight


  • Very limited shade range

Application and blendability

Application was super easy, it went on smoothly like a moisturizer does. Pacifica ultra cc cream

Usually with sheer coverage creams or anything light I use my fingers to dab it and let it settle in. I prefer this method as then it’s much easier for me to feel how much I’m applying and have more control.

But sometimes this does encourage the oiliness to come out of my combination skin so I have to do it fast.

For a medium coverage a beauty blender or a brush is the best option.

Overall the application was effortless and blending too was smooth and quick. It didn’t dry out or oxidize whilst I was in the process of blending.


As with most of the beauty products, I set them at the end for maximum lastage. With the Pacifica cc cream it managed to pull through just about 5 hours.

But I’m not to fussed, I can use it for an everyday natural look which doesn’t involve much hard work.

Without a setting powder expect it to be a little less, so if you are only looking for a cream to get you through a couple of hours then this could be a good product.


My main reason for wearing this was to even out my skin tone as just under the eye I have a slightly dark area.

And the results I was proud with, it did a pretty decent job in evening out my skin tone including some redness I tend to get in the cheek areas.

For getting this coverage I only had to apply a single layer and then dab it down until blended.

A medium coverage is attainable but requires a few layering if you are looking to cover any other imperfections but don’t expect major coverage.

There are only two shades but Pacifica state their cream has “specially adapted color-correcting reflective minerals that adjust to your own skin shade”.

I think this is not entirely true, I mean it does work out for a few skin shades more so in the medium range however there are more skin tones left out then it working out.

So it would be awesome if a more diverse shade range was available along with a few undertones.


“An innovative formula with a bevy of natural beneficials including coconut, kelp and ginseng”.

I like a foundation which has a bunch of natural ingredients to put on the face, knowing that they are going to be beneficial for my skin whilst also giving me the coverage I need.

Some examples of these awesome ingredients are:

Coconut which has been known to moisturize and help with acne.

Kelp has anti inflammatory properties and helps reduce redness.

Ginseng balances the skin which is helpful for people with acne.

This medium coverage cc cream didn’t cause any breakouts after me using it so I think the formula did a pretty good job at also being gentle.


To conclude I think this cc cream does do its job right including the coverage, and it didn’t cause any breakouts which I have experienced with a few beauty products in the past which also means that the ingredients used was to my liking.

Another thing which I admired was the light feeling on my skin and no cakiness.

I would repurchase it if there were a varied shade selection but considering how affordable it is, I like it.

So peeps that it! Hope you enjoyed my review

Have a great day! ?

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