Eco friendly makeup brushes-check them out!

Eco friendly makeup brushesLooking out if a product is vegan and cruelty-free is an important thing to consider but going on a search for environmentally friendly items are too! So that’s why I’ve created a list of eco friendly makeup brushes for those of you who are on the journey to help save the planet!

Here we go!


Ecotools is one of my favourite brands to purchase brushes from. Not only are they vegan and cruelty-free but eco friendly too!

As well as being able to buy individual brushes, you can also get brush sets which I personally prefer as they come neatly organized in a tin which is made to reuse.

The set includes brush heads along with one small handle which you connect the brush heads to. They take less space too that way.Eco friendly makeup brushes

This is super eco friendly as then less material is used and you can reuse it too.

The packaging is also biodegradable and made from seeds which you can plant. I mean can it get more eco friendlier than that. I recommend you check them out!

100% pure

“our formulas, packaging, labels, and packing materials are all safe for you and environmentally friendly.”

100% pure have a bunch of makeup brushes that have handles which are made from recycled materials and their bristles from antibacterial synthetic fibres. Their selection includes various eye and face brushes.

The packaging is also 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, so instead of going to land fill sites it’s reused. Plus any papers are printed using vegetable ink/soy!

Another interesting fact to add in is that the headquarters and the building where their products are made are totally run on solar power, preventing sooo many tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted.

The body shop

The body shop offer a range of affordable makeup brushes using synthetic bristles and bamboo for their handles. They sell individual brushes mainly however a mini set can be purchased.

The body shop try to use materials and ingredients which are sustainable as possible.

Slowly they are increasing the amount of recycled materials so that in the future they are completely sustainable.

The body shop on sustainability:

“Championing sustainability is a core value of The Body Shop, whether that’s through recycling and refill initiatives”

Elate cosmetics

This Canadian company produces a range of products including individual brushes as well as a bamboo brush set.

Don’t worry Elates bamboo brush handles are made from sustainably sourced bamboos joined with taklon bristles which are a great alternative instead of using animal hair.

The aluminium used is also recyclable joined with a biodegradable eco resin.

One of Elate cosmetics value:

“With every decision, there is an impact made-not only on the individual but on the environment, and those we share this planet with. We will never take advantage of any human, animal or the planet”.



With inika you will find a wide range of individual brushes from eyes, face to cheek and lips.

They even have a professional brush roll complete with a case where they are all neatly organised, perfect for easy everyday use for pros and starters alike.Eco friendly makeup brushes

Inika is eco friendly as their brush handles are made from biodegradable PLA material, involving a process with raw corn and cassava.

The bristles (don’t worry I didn’t forget) are made of high quality natural fibre, so do expect their products to be on the more expensive side.

So there you are peeps a list of brushes which you can use without being upset that you may have hurt animals, the planet or any living things!

There are many more out there waiting to be found!

If you’re not sure what eco friendly means in the beauty world, then tap here!

Do you have an eco friendly brush that you would love to talk about? Please do so in the comment section below or wherever it is!

Have a great day! ?

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  • Diane

    These brushes are quite intriguing! My daughter uses a light application of makeup when she goes to work and is always looking for eco-friendly options. These brushes will be perfect for her!

    I like the fact that eco-tools seems to stress that they are recyclable. Our family tries to use as many reusable and recyclables as possible. Even smaller brushes add up over time if they just sit in the landfill.

    Thanks for giving me some options to check out. She has a birthday coming up and I think one of these options might make her gift quite special!

    • Sariyah

      That’s so good! Recycling and trying to opt for reusable products is important but also fun too! I enjoy recycling, it makes me happy knowing I’m doing something to help the plant and when more people join, the reward is even more great!

      Oh and by the way, I think that would be a great gift!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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