Milk makeup kush mascara – Honest Review!

The milk makeup kush mascara certainly has an eye-catching design thanks to its shiny tube which also has a quality feel to it too! Anyways we’re here for the performance so shall we begin?

Right starting off with what the brand state!Milk makeup kush mascara

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Milk makeup clearly state this is their award-winning vegan mascara, made for anyone longing for ‘super thick, full high volume lashes’ working their way from root to tip! That certainly got me wanting to grab one.

It’s also said to be infused with something a little different compared to other mascaras, ‘conditioning hemp derived cannabis seed oil’ which apparently is what will leave your lashes softer as well as healthier looking.

It’s not only vegan and cruelty-free but silicone, paraben and fragrance free too.

Now let’s get into the milk makeup kush mascara review, I’ll go through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan on!


Application is just like any other mascara, the bristles are designed with short and long strands enabling even colour distribution. Milk suggest wiggling the brush from root to tip of lashes to coat them whilst the tapered design of the brush allows easy reach for inner corners and bottom lash.

Applying the formula is okay with this wand however I find the bristles to be a little flimsy. I prefer firm and more dense wands. But anyhow this bristle does the job which is what we’re after right?!Milk makeup kush mascara

The formula isn’t drying which I’m guessing is the work of the cannabis seed oil. The moisturizing formula doesn’t only soften the lashes a little, it makes reapplying all the more easier too. Instead of having to run over hard spider-leg-of-a-lash, you’re met with a much more compliant lash.

Application = 8/10!


Moving onto the lastage, the milk makeup kush mascara stayed put for roughly 6 hours until I had to reapply which to be fair I don’t mind as it was quite easy to get on.

I had to recurl my lashes a little as they started to drop down, this is the usual problem for me with many mascaras, not sure why though, I suspect it’s because I have thick and heavy lashes.

The main reason why I had to reapply was due to the lashes appearing less bold and some slight signs of crumbling which suggested the formula was falling apart.

Lastage = 7/10!


A test run by the brand itself shows around ‘95%’ of its 21 users immediately saw results which includes intense volume and longer lashes.

Of course everyone has their own experiences which vary but that is a high and proud number which I’m not going to lie, did have me in.

So the results?

Well it did add volume and create visibly thick lashes especially on the second coat. The first coat gave a decent coverage which I think would be great for a natural subtle look.

Milk makeup did mention their formula to be conditioning with soft and ‘never stiff’ expections to which I can agree to a certain extent. The formula did leave my lashes feeling soft but that’s if I compare it to other formulas otherwise whilst I’m wearing it, I wasn’t screaming out ‘ahh soft’!

In other words I’d give it to them, after all it’s better than a few I’ve tried. It doesn’t cause my lashes to clump or seem overly dry which makes topping up pleasant.

Oh and did I mention how nice their packaging is, it’s got a heavy quality feel to it, not that heavy but a tiny bit compared to other mascaras. The mascara bottle is shiny too adding to that pricey look. Be sure to keep it clean!

Performance = 8/10!

Milk makeup kush mascara


So overall I rate this mascara an 8/10! The formula does keep the lashes soft and provides decent results which are visible especially on the second coat. It features a clean formula too and doesn’t harden lashes as much.

There is slight crumbling however and I would prefer a more stable bristle but regardless I think it’s a great product to incorporate in one’s daily look!

If you’d like to try out the kush mascara then I suggest you tap here!

For peeps who are after something a little more subtle or a natural look then I definitely suggest you check out the rise mascara by milk makeup.

What’s your favourite mascara? Drop the answers down below in the comment section!

Or for more awesome vegan mascaras then tap here!

Have a great day!

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  • Parameter

    Thanks for sharing; my wife has consistently complained about her makeup kits. If you rate Milk Mascara an 8 out of 10, it is worth a trial. The top of it is that she complains about always being with her lashes. I am sure she will be willing to try anything that will give her the soft texture she desires on her eyelashes.

  • Reggie

    I have used some milk products and I have loved them all. I love their highlighters the most, it is so shiny and smooth. I have also heard about this product and was thinking about buying it. After reading this review I will buy it. I always have problems with my lashes clumping. I have tried many kinds of mascaras to find a good one. I will have one that will give volume but it will clump. my eyelashes will also be stiff as a board. 

  • Lisa

    This is just the kind of Mascara I have been searching for.

    Normally my eyelashes are stiff and they clump together badly.

    I have tried many different brands and price ranges and always seem to get the same results.

    To be honest I thought it was me and the way I apply it. But, maybe that is not the case.

    I have never tried this brand before so will give it a go.

  • Edoardo

    Honestly I was searching for this as it is an interesting subject for my sister so I shared this page to her and she was happy, thank you a lot my friend, for putting your time and efforts and soul into it, keep posting and you will get big results!

  • pasindu dimanka

    Many thanks for sharing; my girl friend has been quite vocal about her dissatisfaction with her beauty kits. If you give Milk Mascara an eight out of ten, I would recommend giving it a try. Her constant griping about her eyelashes being in her face is the most annoying aspect about it. I have no doubt that she will be open to trying anything that promises to give her the silky feel that she wants to achieve on her eyelashes.

  • Lisa


    Mascara is the only makeup that I use and your review was very helpful in making my decision to purchase this brand! 

    I was sold on soft lashes and a mascara that is buildable and easy to apply! I can’t wait to place my order and try it! 

    Thanks again for your help,

    Lisa Marie

    • Sariyah

      Hey Lisa Marie thanks for the comment

      Mascaras are that one makeup item that makes a huge difference on its own!
      Fingers crossed you have a positive experience!

      Have a great day!

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