Covergirl lash blast mascara review!

If you want to find out how this mascara performs then continue reading the covergirl lash blast mascara review and find out it’s true potential!

I’ll be going through my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t too keen on.

Quick overview


  • Great applicator design
  • Clean formula
  • No clumping
  • Recycled packaging
  • Fairly tough pigment
  • Good lastage


  • Could do with more shades

Let’s get rolling!


Covergirl state you can get ‘your best lashes ever’ with the lash blast clean volume mascara!

It’s formulated with argan and marula oils to ensure your lashes are conditioned as you create ‘the high volume lash look of your dreams’. Now that sounds like a dream!

Covergirl lash blast mascara reviewThe formula also shouldn’t smudge neither clump, ‘just long full eyelashes’ that stay put all day! Just to let you know their packaging is made from 80% recycled paper according to their site, from well managed forests. Sounds cool!

Okay let’s begin!


The shade selection isn’t all too exciting, offering 4 shades which all are based around the shade black. There is a black brown, a black, very black and lastly a pitch black. So basically they’re all black with slight differences, well I’m hoping so.

Anyways the black which I happen to get is the black brown, I was initially going to go for the pitch black as I wanted to see how different it would be to the usual black but I haven’t purchased a brown shade before either, so I thought why not try something new.

Okay so how is the ‘black brown’ or should I say how different is it to other hues?

Well the only difference I noticed is that it’s a little subtle, it’s not too bold so when you apply it to your lashes you can certainly tell you’re wearing mascara however it’s not bold.

It’s lighter than a black but richer than a brown! Great though for a natural look.


Moving onto application, covergirl state this lengthening mascara is applied using a wiggle motion which is pretty much the same with most mascara, starting from base to tip. Covergirl state this motion helps to lift and shape.

Application is pretty easy, the applicator is a little different to the ones I have quite often used but to be honest this one is my preferred design so far. The applicator has long bristles at the base and gradually get smaller towards the tip.

It makes it so much easier to coat the small corner lashes as well as the bottom ones compared to the bristles which have a combination of short and long all around the brush head.

The formula apart from being clean and free from parabens, sulfates, and talc is smooth to get on and as of yet doesn’t form clumps which I’ve experienced enough times with quite a few formulas especially after opening and using a couple times.

We’ll see how the covergirl does a few months or weeks down the line.


Does it add volume? Covergirl do state this mascara adds volume, not just any volume oh no! Apparently up to 10x the volume of bare lashes!

Okay so now for the truth! I wouldn’t say it adds exactly 10 times, I’d say it’s more of a 4x which is pretty decent! It certainly adds boldness especially if you have small or thin lashes naturally you’ll love the results!

And how about smudging? For the majority of the time, there weren’t any obvious signs of smudging however after a couple of hours of wear, I did notice a few marks of pigment mostly caused by my hand swipes to the eye but other than that I’d say it’s smudge proof!


Overall I’d give this mascara a rating of 8.5/10! (And yes I have to add the point!) I love the applicator, the way it allows you to easily reach the small lashes and gets the formula evenly spread. The lastage is good too as is it’s ability to add volume and boldness!

The brown black is an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want something too bold but still some does want visibly longer lashes.

Tap here to grab your own lash blast!

Have a great day!

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