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Pro hygiene collection-Makeup brush cleaner

I was given the pro hygiene collection makeup brush cleaner as part of a set along with brushes when I was on a course and ever since then I’ve continued purchasing it every now and again.

If you’d like to know why, then please stick around as I go through my favourite aspects about this cleaner and to make it fair and of course to stay truthful, any downsides.

The first reason why this little friend of mines is still tagging along with me is because it’s formulated to kill 99.99% of bacteria and that’s all within 60 seconds. Probably more quicker than I could clean a single brush!

I mean what’s the point in having a brush cleaner that won’t kill all if not most bacteria and dirt.

Keeping your makeup and tooPro hygiene collection makeup remover, removes dark pigmentsls clean regularly is important as bacteria as well as dead skin cells and other dirt can build up over time which we all don’t want to house in our items!

If you have sensitive skin, which I do, then cleansing is even more important, we don’t want an angry irritated skin do we!

Cleaner brushes also allow makeup to be applied much more better.

Quick overview:


  • Can be used on both synthetic and natural bristles
  • Does clean strong pigments well
  • Quick drying
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • Does run out quick
  • Doesn’t smell too pleasant

What can you use it on?

The pro hygiene collection state that this brush cleaner can be used on both natural and synthetic bristles.

I don’t only use it on my brushes, I sometimes give my other tools such as eyelash curler a quick spray too, I’m sure it doesn’t do no harm.

How well does it clean makeup?

Obviously the whole reason why you would purchase a makeup brush cleaner is to get rid of the dirt and residue, so I had to do quite a few testing to make sure I wasn’t just sleep talking or writing!

So how good is this hygiene cleaner?

The brand state that this cleaner can get rid of all types of makeup that’s including dark, strong pigments, waterproof and long wear stains.

So my findings according to the past and present usages is….

Yes this product does well in removing all of my makeup residues even the old dirty one I mistakenly found lying around behind the draw.

I usually spray between 2-3 pumps about 15-20 cm away on small brushes and 3-5 on larger or more stubborn pigments.

I then wipe on a tissue or cloth in circular motions till clean and then back to work it is!

If you have waterproof makeup stains or old residue that you want to get rid of then you might need to do a few extra spritz.

An old pigment
The old stain after 8 sprays

Fast drying?

You know I used to use soap or gentle shampoos and water a while back when I never had brush cleaners and what can I tell you, the waiting time was an absolute joke.

If you’ve tried this method you’ll know how many hours it literally takes.

So after going through all the pain of trying to squeeze every little drop of water out of the bristles so that I can use it again, I decided I had enough and purchased a makeup brush cleaner again.

And you know what, that particular brush cleaner wasn’t really any better, don’t get me wrong it didn’t take hours to dry, it took hours for me to do my makeup.

After spraying the brushes and wiping it, the bristles were still wet so when I went to dip in the makeup and apply to my face I wasn’t met with a nice soft feel but a wet slap across my face! YUUUK!

I could have used a few sprays however then it wouldn’t clean the brush properly so I had to do quite a few spritz.

Okay enough of the old talk, back to the pro hygiene, so where was I?

Oh yeah this product thankfully does dry in a matter of a few seconds. I spray the brush I’m using, wipe the makeup residue off and then give it a little wave if it’s a large brush and then continue finishing my makeup off.

And honestly I don’t feel any wetness but it does have a little coldness to it, which I’d rather have then the former.

So is it fast drying?

I would consider it as quick drying.

Effect on brushes?

After spraying this product, the bristles do feel nice and soft and I haven’t had any of my brushes loose any bristles during the cleaning process.

The reason why I’m saying this is, with a few brush cleaners in the past I have noticed that some of them actually weaken my bristles leading them to fall out, but I’m not sure to what extent this is true and if its only me with this issue.

I would love to know if I’m not the only one with this brush and cleaner issue, comment down below if anyone has had similar problems!

Now onto the other side, the side of evil, JK,

To be just, (here goes me nitpicking) I’ve plucked out what I wasn’t too happy about, one of them is the time it lasts, it’s not long-lasting enough and the other thing is the smell, wouldn’t it be extra nice if every time you sprayed, a beautiful floral or whatever nice smell came out like a perfume or am I just being a little weird now.

The smell as it is, isn’t bothering, it’s got a scent that I don’t know how to describe but it’s not unpleasant.

Worth it?

Overall I think this is a great product for those of you who are in a hurry and don’t have time in between for the brush to dry.

It’s also quite affordable at only £12 depending on the size. It doesn’t cause any skin reactions so great for sensitive skin too!

To view more awesome vegan makeup brush cleaners then tap here!

Want to know why cleaning your makeup brushes is important then check here! 

Now your turn, do you have a favourite makeup brush cleaner and what do you like about it? Comment down below!

Have a great or night wherever you are! ?

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  • Paul

    This actually sounds like a great product for me to buy my mom for Christmas.  She has various brushes.  I’m not certain that she’s interested in the fact that it’ll kill 99.9% of bacteria but I’m also very pro products that are keeping the environment friendly, so I still feel it would be a good gift.  Plus if she can also use it for her eyelash curler, that’s a double positive.  I’m going to look into it more.  Thanks for this article!

    • Sariyah

      Hi thanks for the comment! That would sounds like a great gift and about the eyelash curler, I definitely use it for cleaning it but I’m not too sure how suitable it is but seems to work fine so who cares right?

  • Alejandra

    Thanks so much for sharing this article to know more about the importance of hygiene collection makeup brush cleaner, I have also sensitive skin and I always look for quality products to use for my makeup, after reading your article I see the importance to get a quality product to keep my makeup brushes clean and safe for anytime I use them. I will follow your instructions and I’m sure I will be happy with the results!

    • Sariyah

      Hi Alejandra you’re totally welcome! Can totally understand what you are talking about as I have sensitive skin and know how important finding quality products are for us peeps!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jude

    Hi there, thank you so much for sharing this excellent review on brush cleaner. 

    This sounds like an excellent product. Do you have a link so I can check out the ingredients of the product at all? It is great to know a product actually works and is affordable as well. Thank you so much for sharing this today, I learned something new and now know what brush cleaner to get and actually dries quickly, which is great to know.  Thank you!


  • Daniel Tshiyole

    I will get this gift for my partner. it will be a surprise gift for her haha. I am sure that she will appreciate it. She loves her makeup and this product will allow her to clean her brushes properly. I don’t think she has this product in her makeup bag. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Daniel thanks for stopping by!

      aww that would be a nice gift! She definitely will appreciate it! Hopefully it’ll make her brush cleaning experience more easy and joyful!

  • Bill

    No, I don’t have a makeup brush cleaner, because I’m a fella and most fellas get strange looks.

    When talking about anything makeup unless you are in the acting profession, but I do have a daughter.

    That will be very interested in a good makeup brush cleaner, I do have a question though Can you clean paint brushes?

    Now I don’t mean house painting brushes I’m talking art painting brushes after all some of that bat poo.

    Can be hard to get off LOL but really what do you think?

    Thank You,

    Bill Wright 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Bill thanks for stopping by!

      As for your interest in cleaning art paint brush, I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with that, after all it’s gentle enough to use for brushes which are used on the face but still tough enough to get rid of stubborn pigments! That saying I’m not too sure how good of a job it’ll do, you could always stick to water and mild soap!

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