What is organic skincare – what you need to know!

Right class! Today we are going to be learning about organic skincare, well more about what is organic skincare?

You might have heard the word organic as you pass by on the street, maybe you see the organic sticker stamped on some products or you’re just curious. Whatever the reason you basically want to know more about organic skincare and that’s why you are here! So shall we start?

(Obviously, I thought we already started)

What is organic skincare?

Organic skincare is basically products in the skincare category that use ingredients which are organically grown at farms (if that makes sense).

But not just any old way, they have to be grown without the use of GM, sprayed by herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and all the other lot of chemicals. This is what organic is, no chemical interruption!

What counts as organic

So you want to know what classifies as organic?

Well, you might be hoping for a straightforward answer but unfortunately you may have to do a bit of work, that’s if you are after the real organicness, don’t worry though ‘the work’ only involves reading the ingredients to see how much of the formula is pure!What is organic skincare

The reason why I’m asking you to read is because a brand is legally allowed to stick the organic label on even if they have a tiny percent, I mean tiny percent of organically grown plants. So the only best way to know how much of a product is organic is by simply checking the ingredients and seeing where they are sourced from.

If you see a print or sticker labeled certified organic, it means the product has gone through stricter standards usually approved by the government.

These items go through assessments to make sure they are to the highest standard organically. So if you see a certified item then you know it’s definitely organic and you’re not lied to.

Commonly used ingredients

Below I’ve picked examples of mainly plant based ingredients that are commonly used in skincare products. These ingredients are usually labeled as organic.

#Aloe Vera– helps to sooth skin as well as moisturize and slow down aging skin.

#Argon oil– heals skin infections, treats many skin conditions, treats acne etc.

#Chamomile– Can help relieve skin irritations such as eczema, rosacea.

#Jojoba– fades fine lines and wrinkles, helps moisturize dry skin, relieve sunburn and much more.

#Tea tree oil– anti inflammatory properties, calms redness and swelling as well as reduces acne.

#Witchhazel– helps tighten pores and acne, inflammation properties etc.

#Rose water-controls excess oil, can get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema, also has inflammatory properties.

These benefits listed are just the few amazing examples of the goodness organic plants can provide our precious skins, there are many more waiting to be tried.




Why is organic more expensive?

You may have looked around and thought that organic brands or products seem to be more expensive. That is right to some extent.

If you look at how organic ingredients are grown such as the time they take, it’s twice as long than non organic ingredients and requires extra work. Farmers refrain from using any chemicals that would usually help the plant grow faster.

There are also costs for the products to be passed as certified organic.

Synthetic or man made ingredients are easier to get hold of unlike organic ingredients which can be effected by natural causes such as weather, making them harder to find sometimes.

However this doesn’t mean that organic products are all expensive, there are some great brands out there that sell at a affordable level, waiting to be found.

Organic skincare products aren’t much costlier then non organic ones if you take a closer look.

Are there any benefits?

Just like organic food has it’s benefits on health, organic skin care obviously does too!

So let’s get rolling with a few examples of how organic beauty products have an advantage over unnatural goods!

# Benefit 1 – certified organic products don’t contain harmful chemicals so your precious skin won’t be absorbing all the junk.

# Benefit 2 – They help provide your skin with extra nourishment thanks to all the goodness free from chemicals.What is organic skincare

# Benefit 3 – Safe for the environment, no chemicals and toxins being washed down to pollute our oceans.

# Benefit 4 – Non-irritating great for sensitive skin!

# Benefit 5 – Healthier looking skin as well as protection from premature aging.

And many more!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or suggestions then please leave them down below and I’ll get back to them!

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Have a great day!?

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  • Nelson

    With the little knowledge I have on skincare products, I believe organic skincare has to do with products that are purely made from only organic produce such as herb, fruits and trees. It never occurred to me that these organic produce must not be planted with fertilizer, sprayed with herbicides and other farming chemicals. From reading this article, I have been able to know this and I am thrilled about this newly acquired knowledge.

    • Sariyah

      Hi Nelson, guess we learn something new everyday!

      I too never used to know that plants have to be grown without the use of all these chemicals in order to be considered organic, but after quite a bit of research, I finally understand!

      Glad you were able to take away something from this post! 

  • Parameter

    Although the price of the organic products could be on the high side but the advantages when it comes to nourishing the skin and keeping it safe from environmental hazards justifies the price. I really appreciate the way you spelt out how to identify organic skincare products based on their ingredients. Now i can identify few products as organic 

    • Sariyah

      Glad to help! And yh sometimes I look at a price and think wow that’s a lot but then when I actually think about it deep enough, health and the environment are worth spending on, no matter the cost (well actually how much you can comfortably afford)

  • Antarctic Adventures

    Thank you for this!! I just recently started looking into organic skincare materials. We need to be careful what we put on our skin. If we wouldn’t eat it, it doesn’t need to go on our skin. Organic is definitely the way to go. Thank you so much for sharing and reviewing!

    • Sariyah

      Hey no problem! And yes what you have said is just right! We need to look after our skins just as much as we do with our overall health!

  • Lizzyben

    Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. Organic skincare actually is the best type of skincare out there. A lot of persons might be arguing this but it’s actually the best. That’s when the seller is totally honest with it being organic. From reading this article, I’ve acquired more knowledge on organic skincare products. Been using cetaphil for a while and I think I’ll stick with that. Thanks a lot

  • Taine420

    getting skin products for my face has always been an irritation because of the alcohol content or he perfume fragrances inside and all I wanted was a easy soft and none chemical cream. This website has shown me all the ins and out now and I can look out better for my skin care.

    • Sariyah

      Hi taine, I totally understand your problem, I feel like my skin can be like that sometimes so sometimes trying new products for the face can be a bit more than an experience. 

      Thanks for dropping by and make sure you look after that skin!

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