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Beauty bay nude 16 colour palette – Honest Review!

I decided to purchase the beauty bay nude 16 colour palette firstly due to its perfect size and secondly thanks to my good experience with beauty bays 42 matte colour palette.

So was I going to be disappointed or was it going to be another point to beauty bay? Feel free to continue reading if you’d like to know my favourite aspects of this product!

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Beauty bay nude 16 colour palette description

Beauty bay nude 16 colour palette

Let’s start off with what the pallete is all about!

So beauty bay state this 16 shades colour palette contains a ‘carefully curated mix’ of eyeshadows with a texture that’s supposed to be velvety and has a ‘ultra blendable’ feature. Sounds like a great formula!

The nude colour palette gives you the possibility of creating both day and night looks and that’s with intense pigment too!

Now time for some truth!

Quick overview:


  • Includes shades useable during day and night with shimmer too
  • Perfect size for travelling
  • Soft feeling eyeshadow
  • Lastage is good
  • Blend-able


  • Pigmentation was a little weak
  • Some fallout
  • Fading issues


This nude palette consists of 16 shades, all of which are neutral and cool toned. I was initially looking for a palette that isn’t too big but also holds a good amount of shades and this seemed like the perfect product, with neutral shades too, so a win for me!

Anyways this palette doesn’t only hold mattes but shimmers too, so if you like me, feel like adding a little sparkle occasionally, this palette has got you.

Colour wise there are mainly browns of different hues, black, a silver, which I haven’t used as of yet, not too sure how I’ll incorporate it though, and a few lights.

The shade names are, well, don’t have a particular theme, they’re a little all over the place, kind of, if you ask me.

It goes from ‘delicate’, ‘all or nothing’ to ‘tiger eye’, ‘hot cocoa’ and ‘illicit’. Not that it bothers me!


I’m going to get straight to the point, application wise it was good however pigmentation I feel it could have been more stronger.

It was pretty easy to pack and apply the product onto the lid. The right amount of powder did grab onto the brush and deposit well.

One thing which ever so slightly bothered me was the fallout but hey considering the affordable pricing I can’t really complain!Beauty bay nude 16 colour palette

As for pigmentation, beauty bay did say it features an intense colour pay off, which I didn’t seem to find true with the black and deep brown shade. It could have been more richer since they are one of the darker shades of the palette. And for the lighter more neutral shades as you can imagine you would need to apply a little extra for it to be visible.

I guess the good thing about the not so strong pigment is that you can easily fix a mistake and as they are buildable, you could just keep building on top to get the desired hue.

The eyeshadow on the eyelid did not feel hard or grit like. It certainly had a soft smooth feel to it too!


The nude palette is supposed to offer ‘unrivaled staying power’, which suggests some true stay power!

And was I happy with the lastage?

Yes, it was great, keeping in mind the price, it got through 6 hours with primer and setting spray!

I can imagine without this preparation, you could expect maybe an hour less, that’s just a judgment though. So lastage is a thumbs up from me!

How blendable is it?

Right onto the blendability! Beauty bay say they’re ‘ultra blendable’ so how are they actually?

It’s pretty important that an eyeshadow blends well because if it doesn’t then you can have issues with how the shadow look turns out!

You could end up with a harsh and messy look which we definitely don’t need! Right?

Blending was easy but I had to be careful I didn’t end up over blending due to the light pigmentation.

So Overall

Overall I’m pleased to say they were great! They didn’t require much work and softened quite easily.

I did use a primer first to help and then tried one lid without. They looked identical and both hadn’t an issue with blending. So thumbs up for the blend-ability!

I think anyone who relies on nude shades daily would love the beauty bay nude 16 colour palette, it’s a decent size with useful colours which you can certainly use to pull off day and night looks!

The only thing I’d like to say if I had to look for some improvements would be maybe to add a few more transition shades. Plus the shades to have a tendency to fade quite quickly.

That’s would be awesome but regardless I still like this palette! I’d rate it a 8/10!

If you would like to check out the beauty bay palette for yourselves than tap here!

So have you tried any of beauty bays products? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Oh and if you are a fan of bright colours you might want to check out beauty bays 42 matte colour palette by tapping here!

If you prefer neutral palettes then click here!

Have a great day!

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  • Kadanza

    Thank you for this thorough review! I have no experience with beauty bay make up at all, but was searching for vegan make up for this holiday season. I simply cannot stand the idea that animals are suffering for my festive look.

    I only wear make up on special occasions, but I like bright colours more than the nude ones -which I would probably use more if I applied make up on a day to day basis. So, I will switch to your post with the review of bright colours now!

    • Sariyah

      Hey Kandanza! You are totally welcome!

      I suggest you check out beauty bay, they have quite a few great products and they are all affordable too! 

      You are a fan of bright colours! That’s awesome! Wish I knew how to pull of bright colours, guess I need more practice!

  • Aubin Tshiyole

    Hi Sariyah,

    I am a guy who does not really wear make-up. But, my wife does. So, your article was helpful to her. She was more attracted by the section where you are talking about how to apply it.

    I’d like to know if there are beauty bay nude with more than 16 colors as well?

    Thank you.

  • LineCowley

    I was not familiar with the brand Beauty Bay, but was looking for vegan makeup. So I am very pleased that I came across this very detailed review of the Beauty Bay 16 colour palette. It seems to have a very good range of brownish and neutral shades, that can also be blended to get the perfect tone you are looking for. 

    Although I do not often wear brown eye shadow, I do use it on occasion, as I have blue eyes and prefer the blue and turquoise shades. So I will check out your other posts for more eye makeup.

  • Anusuya

    Hi Sariyah,

    I love your step-by-step experiment to test the beauty bay nude 16 color palette and compare the product with what is actually claimed on the product label.

    It is a highly detailed review and honest.

    You have come out with good success and I totally agree with your rating of 8/10.

    I personally like it not being messy, staying for 6 hours. The ease of bendability of different shades can make you creative about your choice of colors. 

    I like vegan products in general. It makes me feel guilt-free. I have introduced this product to my daughter who loves being fashionable but hasn’t yet used this.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Anusuya thanks for the nice comment!

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Vegan products for sure are a great invention! You don’t have to worry about even hurting a fly even more so if it’s cruelty-free too. Oh that’s a nice start, vegan and a good array of shades for everyday looks!

      Thanks again! Have a great day!

  • Adam

    I have to say the rigorous attention to detail that has to be paid when laying out these layers of foundation and colors leaves me wondering. Your descriptions of proper pigmentation and blending and last ability tell me that you did a thorough review of this product. If I needed this item, I would consider this review creditable and honestly, it would have swayed me towards purchase. Thank you. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Adam thanks for the nice comment, I’m glad you found the review helpful enough that you’d consider purchasing! 🙂

  • Alisa

    Hi Sariyah,

    When I was younger, I experimented a lot with make-up. I have to admit I’ve never been a fan of putting on make-up every single day but it took me some time to realize that nude colors were my thing. Now I enjoy make-up more than ever. Even though I still don’t like doing it every day. 😄

    I’ll probably try this color palette. It sounds like I would like it.

    Thank you for this useful post.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Alisa thanks for stopping by and you’re welcome!

      It sure can take time learning about yourself, I still have lots to learn about what I prefer but like you’ve stated experimenting is definitely the way to aid the process! Makeup free days are the one!

  • pasindu dimanka

    In general, I don’t wear makeup as a guy. Contrarily, my sister does. Thus, she found some useful information in your article. She was particularly interested in the section where you discussed potential applications. Also, she’ll appreciate the thoroughness with which you examined the Beauty Bay Nude 16 Color Palette and compared its results to those claimed on the packaging. Many thanks for the fantastic article you’ve written.

  • Michel

    As I get older I find I am going for the nude and natural colors more and more when it comes to eye shadow. Love the look of this palette, it is just a pity you say the colors are not as vibrant as they look and the staying power is not great.

    But you are right that the price is excellent for what you are getting, so not everything is going to be perfect.

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