How to colour correct- do you know?

You want to learn how to colour correct? Well obviously that’s why your here! (Unless you just read the first line and run off)

Okay first of all let’s talk about what colour correcting concealers are. Colour correcter are used to colour your whole face in fancy colours. JOKING!

Okay for real now, they are a makeup product which are used to hideaway the look of skin discoloration, using a bunch of colours. But not just any and every colour (unless you want to look like a rainbow) as I will explain in this article or blog, whatever you call it.

Skin discolouration includes dark circles, red spots, purple or blue hues and many other problems.

I know you peeps might be thinking huh? I thought concealers are used for hiding skin problems but sadly (or not maybe) they aren’t strong enough to cover all problems so that’s when colour correcter jumps in to the rescue.

I remember when I first saw or heard about coloured concealers, I was confused. I always wondered how will applying a completely different colour then your skin help in hiding blemishes but luckily advice existed and I learned otherwise I’d still be trying and testing maybe.

Anyways, back to giving actual colour correcting information. So to identify what colour to use, you would basically have to take a look of what colour is opposite of one another on the colour wheel in order to help cancel out the problem. For example if you have redness like a spot which you wanted to hide, then you would have to use a green colour correcter. Looking at the colour wheel will help you if your a beginner.

How to colour correct

So shall we finally begin and see what colours to use.

Green (redness)

If you look at the colour wheel, green is right opposite the colour red. So what does that mean? It means if you have any red spots or any redness on your face then you would pick the green colour correcter to hide the redness, instead of your hiding yourself.

There are different shades of green correcter, from light to darker green. And no you don’t just pick whatever shade you like unfortunately, you have to choose one depending on your complexion shade as well as looking at if your a warm or cool tone.

Blue (use on fair skin)

Blue is opposite orange which means that it can be used to correct any orange discolouration or to correct shallowness or hyper pigmentation more so on fair skin.

Remember when applying colour concealers you only need a tiny amount as they are highly pigmented so grabbing a lot would be hard to blend and would leave multi coloured dots and splodges even with foundation on.

Purple or violet (yellow tones)

Purple is excellent to brighten dull complexions as well as yellow tones.

As with other colour correcters there are more than one shade of purple, violet is one example of the shade. The lighter coloured concealer shades suit fair skin whereas the deeper purple for dark skin.

Pink (lifts Grey complexions)

Pink sometimes comes in a peach colour and can be used to lift greyness and give warmth to sallow complexions. It can be also used on lighter skin tones to hide dark under eye circles or dark shadows.

When applying correcter gently tap on the area instead of blending like you would with foundations as otherwise it will smudge everywhere and look like a mess.

Yellow (covers dark bruises)

As yellow is opposite purple, you can use it to cover up bruises or veins which come up as a purple colour or blue. It can also fix light or mild redness. Yellow or orange correcter can be used to add warmth to darker skins or on dull tones if need be.

White (highlights)

A white correcter is used for highlighting. But not only that as they can also be used to hide some blemishes and to add glow to your skin.

Colour correcter are applied before foundations. When applying foundation on the areas with coloured concealer gently dab the foundation to blend,with a blender so as to not cause wreckage and to achieve the best results.

That’s it folks you’ve reached the end of the blog. Thankyou for reading it.

As usual if you have any suggestions or Qs then pop them below and I’ll get right back to them.

Enjoy your day or night!

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