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    100 pure fruit pigmented foundation-Review

    I’m not a big fan of full coverage foundations as they tend to feel heavy and stiff on my face. And a foundation with a matte finish is usually a no go for me! But guess what, the 100¬†pure fruit pigmented foundation is actually both full coverage and has a matte finish! Quite odd for me to pick! So you are probably wondering why on earth did I buy it then? Well you’d have to read on to find out if I actually did open my arms to it or just wasted my money and dumped it. (Comes just under ¬£45) Quick overview: Pros Wonderful fruity ingredients Easily blendable Long…

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    Milk makeup flex concealer- my experience

    I’ve tried milk makeup’s products in the past and I’d like to say I have been having a somewhat positive experience. Because of this combined with the hype, coming from my friends around the milk makeup flex concealer, I decided to go ahead and purchase this concealer. When I had bought it I was desperately hoping from inside that this concealer would work for me mainly because it was going to be a waste of money as I don’t really wear concealers often. So this had to impress me! If you’d like to know how this experience went then continue reading as I go through my favourite aspects and the…


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