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    Elf acne fighting foundation- Suitable for sensitive skin?

    I heard about how good the elf acne fighting foundation is as well as a few not so good experiences, so I thought I’d check it out for myself, see how it goes and anyways I do consider my skin as sensitive and by the sounds of it, it is a product made for peeps with irritating skin. The price partly encouraged me to go ahead and purchase it. So if you’d like to know how it went please do continue reading! Elf on their acne fighting foundation: “Acne Fighting Foundation is full coverage and infused with salicylic acid, witch-hazel, camphor, tea tree, and soothing aloe that help fight blemishes.…

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    Vegan foundation for oily skin- That make a difference!

    You have tried and tested a range of foundations but they just don’t work to your expectation, oh why! I know you may be thinking that, I can’t totally relate to you peeps but I do understand the struggles sometimes as my forehead often becomes oily. That’s why I decided to search for vegan foundation for oily skin and list them for you. See I do care for you! You may have experienced some foundations running off and melting, not lasting nowhere near what it’s supposed to. Streaks might start to appear on your face or breakouts or at times look like you have been working your socks and sweating (I…

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    Choose the right foundation for your skin type- are you using the correct type?

    I know there are so many options out there of the different textures and formulas of foundations making it even harder for you to know exactly what’s best for your skin or what you would prefer. But hey don’t worry as I’m going to be listing skin types and what formula best suits them or shall I say help you choose the right foundation for your skin type! Before we start, If you’re not sure what skin type you are click here to find out. Or if you want to learn about the different formulas available then click here. If you’ve been struggling in the past like me wondering why my…


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