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    Urban decay eyeshadow palette – naked petite heat review

    I was on the search for an urban decay eyeshadow palette and of course a vegan option. So I typed exactly that and somehow stumbled upon the naked¬†urban decay eyeshadow palette. I purchased it without looking at the ingredients as it was categorised in the vegan section. I was super excited when it had arrived and of course opened it up right away. After I had opened it I then randomly decided to take a look at the ingredients as I do with quite a few products, and that’s when I was in a bit of a shock! It Wasn’t Vegan! A few shades inside the palette contain animal derived…

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    Best foundation for combination skin!- you need to try!

    Ahh! Combination skin, the tricky one, the one that can’t make up it’s mind on which side to stay, the one that sometimes drains you looking for the perfect foundation. I fully understand the problems combo skin peeps go through as I’m also part of the team, that’s why I’ve decided to list a few of the best foundation for combination skin!¬†(and other reasons too!) If you have a combination skin then you have a mixture of both oily and dry areas. Oil tends to build up on the forehead whereas dryness appear on the cheeks and other areas. You may be thinking ‘oh great I need two whole different…


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