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    Best smudge proof eyeliner – vegan & cruelty free!

    Are you looking for the best smudge proof eyeliner to help you get through the day? Well then my friends you’re at the right place! Carry on reading to find out some awesome vegan liners! Made by mitchell all smudge no budge liner As you can tell by the name the all smudge no budge liner by Mitchell is made to last without the need to worry of any funny smudge business! It also means they’re long wearing too. You have the option of picking from 4 highly blend-able as well as buildable matte shades. From creamy hues perfect for a bright eye look to deep tones made for smokey…

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    Best vegan skin care brands out there!

    So in this article I decided to round up some of the best vegan skin care brands out there as I know how important looking after your skin is but not just that, what’s inside those products too! Maybe you are in a hurry and don’t have time to look through the many brands to spot the bunny or vegan logo, or you are searching for that one good line which has all you need to look after your dear skin, whatever the reason hopefully you will find it in this article. I’ve tried to include mainly brands with 100% vegan and cruelty-free skin care products, however there may brands…

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    Best foundation for combination skin!- you need to try!

    Ahh! Combination skin, the tricky one, the one that can’t make up it’s mind on which side to stay, the one that sometimes drains you looking for the perfect foundation. I fully understand the problems combo skin peeps go through as I’m also part of the team, that’s why I’ve decided to list a few of the best foundation for combination skin! (and other reasons too!) If you have a combination skin then you have a mixture of both oily and dry areas. Oil tends to build up on the forehead whereas dryness appear on the cheeks and other areas. You may be thinking ‘oh great I need two whole different…


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