• Too faced better than sex eyeliner
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    Too faced liquid eyeliner-too faced better than sex

    I’ve got the too faced better than sex mascara so why not the too faced liquid eyeliner to match! And besides nearly everyone I know has one lying around somewhere in their bag. Apparently the mascara and eyeliner together paired are the world’s sexiest power couple! Well we’ll see about that since I already have the too faced mascara and now the eyeliner! Too faced claim this better than love eyeliner lasts for a whopping 24 hours thanks to it’s waterproof formula and glides away easily! Now I don’t know about you peeps but this sounds like a perfect product to get that flawless cat eye look. But was it? Well…

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    Too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick- worth the price?

    I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks, it’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t know I don’t really wear them often, eventhough the colours almost always attracts me, I’m more of a lip gloss person or I just use moisturizer. So your probably wondering how did I get my hands on the too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick, well it was all thanks to my imaginary friend! I mean I could tell you the story but then I may get too excited and go way off topic so I think it’s best if we leave that for another time! So back to the review, I’m going…

  • Too faced peach kiss
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    Too faced peach kiss lipstick- worth or not?

    Lipsticks are awesome! There are just too many colours and options to choose from. Bright, bold, glossy, shimmery, matte and so much more. So when out shopping, a while back I decided to pick the Too faced peach kiss lipstick after I had realised I didn’t have much lipsticks, funnily enough. Whilst this lipstick is matte, my preference has always leaned more towards a glossy textured lipsticks but I guess it was time to try something new, a change had to be made. So in this review I’m going to go through what I really like about this product and if I had any issues. So sit tight! But first…

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    Too faced better than mascara- Review

    I really like mascaras, they are usually quick to apply but make such a difference when applied like they really open your eyes even if you just got up! And many other reasons. Why did I choose this mascara? Well everyone was talking about how amazing the too faced better than mascara was so I had to check it out. What’s more its vegan and cruelty-free, that alone is enough for me to want to grab it. The too faced better than sex mascara claim: “This formula thickens, lengthens, and curls after just one coat for the most luscious, dramatic, and volumized lashes possible.” I have to talk about the…


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