Fenty beauty mattemoiselle lipstick review!

The fenty beauty mattemoiselle lipstick came into my grasp when I decided to treat myself to a bunch of fenty’s products which included the fenty beauty matte lipstick along with the highlighter and flyliner!

You could check out how they perform by tapping on the names. Anyways if you’d like to see how it performs then please do continue reading!


Fenty beauty mattemoiselle lipstickThe fenty beauty matte lipstick is best described as an all day colour intensity ultra slim lipstick. The finish is said to be matte but not the kind you’re thinking of, it’s a ‘petal-soft matte finish’!

These colours are ment to possess ‘mega rich colour’ minus the weight, sounds like something we have been after, right? The consistency should be creamy and soft which means an easy gliding application with no bleeding or feathering!

Right shall we see how it performs!


This matte lipstick is available in 7 weightless shades, a shade for every mood according to the brand and every skin tone, ‘rock the entire rainbow’ as fenty says!

This lipstick includes a neutral which is great for your casual everyday look, deep berry and red as well as bolds like violet, orange and teal for those days when you want to stand out extra!

I personally usually go for nudes but do have a bunch of the classic reds and rich berries however I haven’t got a teal, that’s a new one. How about yourselves? I know I should have got it but oh well maybe next time!

I think you can guess which one I opted for then…

That’s right (if you did get it correct) I went for the ‘freckle fiesta’, a spiced terracotta as the brand view it as.


As fenty mentioned, each shade is designed with a velvety and creamy texture which you know what that means, yes it should be easy peasy lemon squeezy to get on. So how was it?

Well I can certainly say it did glide along with minimal effort after I had moisturized my lips. I usually moisture them well beforehand as I have quite dry lips which is partly why I tend to avoid mattes too! But thankfully this matte liner didn’t cause an issue with applying, it was how I wanted it to be.

I think the slim design certainly assists in making the application trouble free. Did I mention it provides more control too compared to a wide base which would usually go above and beyond the intended target.

The only issue I had of applying was when I had to do a retouch half-way after my lips became chapped, it looked a little messy so I think re-moisturising would be a wise idea at that point.


The pigment is great in my opinion and that’s coming from an individual who isn’t a big fan of mattes! The overall consistency and lightness of it certainly changed my mind on mattes. It’s not too thick neither runny, just right!

Like fenty mentions, the lipstick does have a rich pigment meaning a little goes a long way. I only needed one swipe to satisfy my needs, I mean it could be because I have thin lips, but all I know is it’s decent in my opinion!


That brings us onto the lastage. The lipstick put up with around 6-7 hours of a day, consisting of mainly drinking, (lol don’t ask why) of course eating too!

I didn’t experience any major feathering nor the colour bleeding which is great. About transferring? I’d say it passes the test though there was a slight issue when consuming drinks but nothing major!

Overall judging by my experience, I’d rate this the fenty beauty matte lipstick an 9/10! The lastage is decent as is the pigmentation, applying is a breeze and the shade range offers a fair amount of choice. Plus there weren’t any major issues of feathering or bleeding so a winning product in my books I’d say!

You can check out the fenty beauty mattemoiselle lipstick for yourselves here!

Have a great day!

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