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    Inika organic perfection concealer – How perfecting is it?

    I haven’t tried many of inika’s products but the one or two that I have, gave me positive experiences so I thought why not give another of their products a try, to be specific, the inika organic perfection concealer! I was on the¬†look out for a vegan concealer that also catered towards sensitive skin when the brand inika popped up. What attracted me even more to this brand is the idea of them using as much botanical and pure ingredients as possible. Who doesn’t like that? Okay enough of that, let’s start the review! But first a quick overview: Pros Organic & 100% natural ingredients Easy to blend Able to…

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    Inika long lash mascara- Honest review

    You may have heard about inika, the all organic, vegan and cruelty-free brand, if you haven’t don’t worry as you’ll get a little taste of what they’re about in this inika long lash mascara review. (obviously not literal taste, you know what I mean). If you’re looking to lengthen and volumunize your beautiful lashes but with ‘100% plant-derived and natural ingredients‘ then please continue reading to find out if this, inika long lash mascara is your long-lost friend as well as my favourite features and the not so smashing side of this product in my opinion. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that I may earn commission…

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    Inika organic liquid foundation- is it worth it?

    Today I am going to be reviewing the inika organic liquid foundation, more specifically the inika certified organic liquid foundation. See you could see half the goodness in the name! I had been researching a while back for vegan foundations that also were organic and that’s when I happen to come across inika. You see, whilst being organic the liquid foundation has added greatness with skin benefiting ingredients including argon oil which softens skin as well as many other advantages, lavender which has anti-bacterial properties and green tea, which is an anti oxidant to name a few. That’s why I think it could be one of the best organic liquid…


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