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too faced born this way foundation

It’s vegan, it’s paraben free, it’s too faced born this way foundation. Every one clap, I’m getting you hyped for the right reasons.

Also, I’m not sure if oil free is going to get some of you excited. Or maybe you’re here because you want something barely noticeable on your skin as they state.

But don’t worry these aren’t the only reasons or features this foundation throws at you, there’s more waiting to be uncovered or maybe not as I’m about to.

Okay enough of that! Below I’m going to talk about those other reasons as well as my favourite aspects of this too faced foundation, so enjoy!

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Okay your probably going to already know how I’m feeling about the coverage due to how I wrote it, but for real in my opinion the coverage is great.

It states it provides a medium to full coverage and it’s right.

I wanted to test this foundation on my skin especially the forehead, thanks (not really) to the annoying spots. So I needed a product that hides the spots whilst also not looking too heavy or obvious.

Basically, I spread it across my face (obviously too faced born this way foundationdidn’t leave it like that) and that’s when I decided to shout how great the coverage was. I stopped at medium coverage because that was what I needed.

It didn’t look to cakey or heavy which ment it ticked the ‘undetectable’ feature it talks about.

Did it need reapplying?

I know most people before buying a foundation would most definitely ask about how long it lasts. I know for sure I would.

So that’s why I, for no special reason at all thought to wear it till the foundation became weak and gave up.

But before I tell you the outcome I got, my guess was it would quit after about 4 hours. But guess what I was fooled! Waaaayhaaaay!

It did pretty good lasting around 8 hours. Of course the forehead was the first to show signs of quitting by getting patchy, mainly because of the oiliness of my forehead and then the rest followed.

The foundation on the head first melted at around 5 and half hours after applying and the rest of the face at just about 6 hrs.

Because I only stayed at home that day, in other words the foundation was just chilling, I later thought it’s kinda unfair as it didn’t had to go through some tough elements so therefore put it again to the test and wore it out.

After all the work, the wear time lasted around the same time surprisingly. Just to add it was winter.

Shade raaange

Sorry, I had to add the extra A’s as the shade range is excellently long. Once upon a time there was only 12 or so shades and now there are over 20 shades!

The fairest of them all starting at the swan and the deepest being cocoa.

The thing is when picking your shade you might need to test a little before as the foundation through the bottles are a little different looking to how they come out.

Now onto the part everyone dreads. Or maybe not. From testing it on my skin which is mainly dry, I found that it caused a little dryness which I put it down to the alcohol. This doesn’t mean everyone is going to have the same reaction.

To end on a positive note the little things worth mentioning which I think is cool is the pump that the bottle has.

It makes it sooo much easier and absolutely no wastage, in other words no accidental (or maybe purpose by someone else) spillages. And I’m not sure about you peeps but I also like the simple heavy glass bottle and it was easily blendable.

So would I buy it again? Maybe more for special occasions.

If you’re ready to buy yours then click here!

So that’s it peeps hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

If you have any suggestions or Qs feel free to comment below. Have a great day!

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